Shaquille O’Neal, Dwight Howard and more NBA stars fire back at mean tweets as 2021 Finals begin Online

Shaquille O’neal Flipped around with a dig around a fan’s harsh assessment that included unexpected nudity.

during a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live On Tuesday, July 6, several former and current basketball celebrities took part in the show’s popular mean-tweets segment, in honor of nba finals‘ Game 1 is launching on the same night. This episode was guest hosted by Anthony Anderson.

“‘Shakeel O’Neal? Like Shaquille-Haann’t-Missed-a-Meal,'” the 15-time All-Star read. Then she quipped, “That’s a good one. Tell your mom to make my sandwich, and be nicekid when I get there. Hello, Mom!”

Also responding to harsh comments from social media users were the Atlanta Hawks. Trey Young, Oklahoma City Thunders kemba walkerMemphis Grizzlies’ ja morento and Hall of Famer grant hill.

“”Dwight Howard Looks like a SoundCloud rapper pitching his album to the gas station you avoid,” read the Philadelphia 76ers standout. This prompted him to reply, “Dang!”

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