Sex Education season 3’s Otis and Ruby romance shows its biggest mistake

The pair’s reaction to Sex Education Season 3, Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Ruby (Mimi Keene), exposes the Netflix show’s biggest mistake.

Warning! spoilers ahead sex education season 3.

Feedback sex education Season 3’s pairing of Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Ruby (Mimi Keene) uncovers the show’s biggest storytelling mistake. Moordale Secondary’s latest term brings major changes as part of the institution New headmistress Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke) Attempts to improve the school’s image but while the narrative focused on it as a whole, it was balanced by the different arcs of the participating students, which were arguably more compelling.

As in previous seasons, Mordell Secondary has a major focus on the personal relationships of the participants – whether romantic or platonic. Eric (Nakuti Gatwa) begins dating Adam openly, who, in turn, develops an unlikely friendship with Rahim (Sami Outalbali). Meanwhile, Jackson (Kedar Williams-Sterling) becomes good friends with novice Kal (Dua Saleh), while his relationship with Viv (Chineye Ejudu) deteriorates. However, arguably the most unexpected pairing sex education season 3 was Otis and Ruby, who were hooking up. The couple’s friendship apparently began during summer break and continued into the new term. They wanted to keep it a secret, but when they eventually dropped out, they attempted to date publicly.

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Things were going well with him, even as Ruby confesses to being in love with her after a special romantic day. Unfortunately, her feelings weren’t reciprocated as Otis, expected, was still hanging on to Maeve (Emma McKay). At the end, sex education Season 3 delivered on the promise of Otis and Maeve being together, but instead of a happy consensus, there was a pushback from a faction of viewers who prefer her to be with Ruby. They argue that despite only being together for a short time, Otis and Ruby are great together because they both become better people during their affair. There is also an argument that Chemistry between Butterfield and Keene strong, hence why many quickly supported him. The positive reception from this peculiar couple proves that sex education Otis and Maeve’s relationship messed up as the relationship developed. The fact that the audience is pushing her to be with someone else is a sign that she has lost interest in the lead pair of the show.

From the start, it’s clear that the show was headed towards Otis and Mae eventually getting together. but, sex education Maybe they’ve had their wish-they/not-they dynamic for so long that the audience is tired of it. Of course, the romantic trope has been very successful in the past, with shows like cheers And friend, as well as rom-coms like when harry met Sally is using it effectively. However, in the midst of a string of new and more interesting relationships, one cannot help Feel bored with Otis and Mew’s arc Because it has been done many times before. It did not help that they kept on remembering each other for non-binding reasons. For example, it took them several episodes to resolve the hatred. sex education The Season 2 finale cliffhanger when it should have easily been ironed out immediately. Overall, it seemed like Otis and Maeve’s relationship was always going to be complicated. So, it was refreshing to see Otis having a fairly normal teen romance with Ruby.

At the end of sex education Season 3, Maeve and Otis parted ways again, though this time, with the promise that they would rekindle their romance after returning from their study abroad. latest ending is so much better Where previous years left the couple, but still not as satisfying as fans would like. Considering their history, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that another curveball is thrown their way that would prevent them from simply reconnecting when Maeve comes back.

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