Seth Rogen responds to viral TikTok video asking if he has been kidnapped – E! Online

Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner will meet the royals at the “Lion King” UK premiere

Somebody needs to tell the police to stop the search, because Seth Rogen is not in danger.

The Canadian-born comedian has confirmed that he is very safe at home, after a new TikTok video raised the question, “Has anyone seen Seth Rogen lately?”

Seth replied on Tiktok Twitter This Tuesday, August 3, he wrote, “This video is so funny and not true at all! I’m not kidnapped! It’s not the kidnapper who wrote this from Seth’s account! I promise!”

TikTok user @chriscanbefunny recently shared the viral music video after realizing that she has seen too many pictures of Seth’s vase, but not the artist himself. “Didn’t see the recent picture of her face, yeah,” Chris sings in his impressive song. “I have a pretty crazy hypothesis that Seth was kidnapped by a shadowy ceramicist, who left him completely incapacitated.”

Chris shows his friend the fake kidnapping scenario as well as scenes in which the kidnapper tweeted from Seth’s account.

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