Selling Tampa: The Age of Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, IG, Jobs, Hometown & More

Everything to know about selling Tampa Season 1 star Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere. View Anne’s age, hometown, real estate job and Instagram profile.

Netflix viewers are just starting to watch sell tampas Season 1, and many fans are already curious to know about cast member Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere. after huge success of selling sunsetNetflix is ​​now betting on a new spinoff based in Florida, sell tampas, A total of eight real estate agents have been handpicked to create quality reality TV entertainment, recapturing the big hits of the original series.

But sell tampas Allure is going even further by focusing on a female-owned real estate firm called Realty and featuring an all-black cast of successful and entertaining realtors. So far, the spinoff is delivering an utterly compelling story and relatable personality. Along with other main cast members such as Charelle Rosado, Colonie Reeves, and Rayna Frazier are Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, who already stand out in the new series. Now it’s time For sell tampas fans to know more About Anne outside her appearance on the show.

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The audience is left to wonder, why did Anne and Colonie refer to certain costars? “Auntie,” This is because Anne is just 27 years old now. All things considered, Anne is the youngest artist sell tampas Season 1. Anne is originally from Winter Park, Florida, which is just an hour and a half drive from Tampa. On Instagram, Anne can be found here @annesophiepf, prior to sell tampas Premiering on Netflix, Anne had nearly 8,000 followers on IG. However, her numbers have already increased – she is close to doubling her Instagram followers as of this writing.

as shown in first few episodes of sell tampas, Anne is fluent in languages ​​other than English. According to realtor, he is fluent in two other languages: French and Haitian-Creole. The website also notes that Anne has over three years’ experience in real estate, which makes her an expert in the field. But considering his initial appearance sell tampas, is very close to Anne Colony and was labeled by Sharle as one of the top agents at Allure Realty. With that said, Anne’s loyalty to this company is definitely going to be tested as the episode progresses.

There’s still a lot to unpack Anne’s story sell tampas session 1 As the world catches up with all the episodes available in the streaming service. Meanwhile, fans are already eagerly waiting selling sunset Season 5 and upcoming spinoffs Selling OC, For the time being, though, Anne and her co-stars will give their all. sell tampas,

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Source: Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere/Instagram, realtor

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