Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald Christine Quinn’s Alleged Bribery May Cause Legal Drama online

remember, selling sunset is a reality show, so the actions of stars can have an impact on real life. That’s why star Mary Fitzgerald Raising his voice on that alleged bribe since season five.

For those who haven’t finished the season yet, in episode 10, fellow Realtor Emma Hernana Told Mary and Oppenheim Group Boss Jason Oppenheim that rival Christine Quinn Offered one of his clients $5,000 for not working with him.

And while the moment was shocking to onlookers in the house, Mary reveals that the alleged bribe could have been a bigger issue for the realtor and brokerage. According to Marie, the proposal was “totally immoral” but also bordered on “illegal” when an important document was signed.

“If Emma already had the listing agreement signed that she was getting ready for, it would be illegal,” Mary explained, “so [Christine] She will lose her license, she will lose everything. But luckily the listing agreement for this particular property was yet to be signed. Otherwise, he will have legal issues.”

He even told E! News that the office “backed up the story.”

Marie, who was promoted to vice president in the new season, clarified that the brokerage does not condone this type of behavior. “We take pride in our integrity,” she said, “and the way we treat clients and the way we treat each other and that can’t happen in our brokerage. That’s okay. Not there.”

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