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In a May 13 TikTok video, Harvey opened up about his recent weight loss journey, revealing that he gained 15 pounds of “relationship weight” when he and Michael B Jordan Started dating a year ago. “It was terrible, none of my clothes fit,” said the 25-year-old model. “It just wasn’t right.”

When it comes to her fitness routine, Harvey shared that she “has been doing Pilates consistently like last year. I’ve done it for a few years, but I’ve been really consistent over the past year, and when I try.” To lose weight, I was working out five, six times a week, and I would do that, for the first month and a half, I’d do it a couple of days a day.” She said she’ll usually pair a Pilates class with a 30-minute cardio session or hike.

Although she didn’t follow a “specific eating regimen,” Harvey admitted that she was in a strict calorie deficit and was “consuming 1,200 calories a day, max. I like meat and vegetables and have minimal carbs.” was trying to do like that.”

Before receiving criticism for talking about his low-calorie diet, Harvey was on the defensive.

“Before you start your sh*t, this works for me and my body,” she wrote in the comments section. “Everyone is different so fit your needs to meet your goals [prayer hands emoji],

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