See Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart enjoying each other’s parenting – E! online

Dwayne Johnson And kevin hart Never miss a chance to make fun of each other.

This is what celeb besties did while chatting with E! news’ daily pope About his new film on July 27 DC League of Super-PetsThis time playing after each other’s father’s skills.

Asked if he admires Dwayne’s parenting methods, Kevin told E! news’ Francesca Amicare A hilarious response. “I want to do the opposite,” he joked. “I can tell you something, I’ve been to that house. Those kids do what they want.” Dwayne shares his two youngest daughters-Jasmine6, and Tiana4-With his wife Lauren Hashian,

Kevin shared a questionable conversation he had with one of Dwayne’s daughters during a visit to their home, saying, “I remember his daughter—I was eating, I had a plate. Well, she did it with my hand. fired up and she was like, ‘Not here, bitch.'”

Initially rolling the other cheek by saying that his friend has “locked his kids up” and that they are “very respectful”, Dwayne backs away at Kevin by sharing his funny story from his home visit.

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