Sean Penn Calls for Boycott of Oscars If Ukraine’s President Isn’t Pictured

Sean Penn has called on Hollywood to boycott the 2022 Academy Awards if the show elects not to invite Ukrainian President Zelensky to speak.

Sean Penn Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has publicly called for a boycott of this year’s Academy Awards if he is not allowed to speak. The 61-year-old echoes the sentiment of Amy Schumer, one of the hosts at this year’s awards ceremony, who said she gave the show’s producers the idea of ​​featuring Zelensky. Although he claimed to have suggested several different ways in which the Ukrainian president could be present, including live broadcasts or video recordings, he also indicated that the organizers were not sold on the possibility.

Penn has received two Academy Awards during his career, in addition to three other nominations. Best Actor Award for his performance in 2003 Clint Eastwood’s Noir Crime Drama Mystic RiverPenn earned his second Oscar for his starring role in 2008 Milk, a biographical film based on the life of California’s first openly gay politician Harvey Milk. The passionate Hollywood icon has been vocal in support of the Ukrainian people, traveling the country to document their plight amid the Russian invasion of their country.

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Now, in an interview with CNNPenn has called for a mass boycott of the 2022 Oscars if the awards fail to give President Zelensky some air time. ,Nothing can be bigger than giving an Academy Award [Zelenskyy] opportunity to talk to all of us,“He said. Going to describe any decision not to show the Ukrainian president”Most obscene moment in Hollywood history,“Pen begged his companion Stars will boycott Academy Awards If that were the case. ,I will strangle myself in public,“They threatened their own Academy Awards.”I pray that this has not happened.Watch his full statement below:

They are – and I think sometimes it has legitimacy – who would say that politics is for another place, entertainment is for another place. I believe that anyone, as a viewer or practitioner of film, who understands what that expression is, that restricting it to just film means that it cannot be on television and that Can’t be on stage. Limiting it to one of these means that it cannot be contained within a human being, the kind of poetic courage and nature of expression that the film best seeks.

the academy can do nothing but give it [Zelenskyy] That opportunity, to talk to all of us. And by the way, this is a man who understands movies and had a very long and successful career of his own.

Now, it is my understanding that the decision has been taken not to do it. I am not commenting on whether President Zelensky wanted it. I Looks like every one of those guys and every part of that decision must have been the most obscene moment in Hollywood history and I hope that’s not happening. ,

“If it turns out that’s what’s going on, I would encourage everyone involved to know that however it may be their moment, and I understand that, to celebrate their films, for them The moment to shine and protest and boycott is much more important. That Academy Awards. And myself, if it comes down to that, when I come back, I’ll smell mine in public. I pray that It hasn’t happened. I pray that there haven’t been arrogant people who consider themselves representatives of the greater good in my industry who haven’t decided to check with the leadership in Ukraine. So I’m just going to hope that I’m sure it hasn’t happened and I hope that if it is, everyone walks out.

Penn, who has stood up for a number of political and humanitarian causes in recent years, had the opportunity to speak personally with President Zelensky before and during the Russian invasion. describing himBorn for this moment,The filmmaker has been consistently outspoken in his praise of the Ukrainian people and their leadership. Although he and his colleagues fled the country in late February as the fighting worsened, Penn opted to stay in Poland, where more than two million Ukrainians The refugees are said to have fled to provide humanitarian aid.

Although Oscar organizers have yet to officially comment on whether President Zelensky will attend this year’s ceremony, Schumer’s comment suggests it’s unlikely, Rewards are already under intense pressure to boost ratings after a low viewership of 10.4 million (56% compared to 2020) last year, penThe suggestion of a boycott is likely to equate to the death toll for the show’s producers. have already faced criticism for the late invitation to story of the west star Rachel Ziegler, it remains to be seen whether there will be more fire at the Academy Awards at the dawn of the ceremony. The 2022 Oscars premieres March 27 at 8:00 p.m. ET at the Dolby Theater in LA.

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Source: CNN

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