Scream Star Neve Campbell Explains Why Wes Craven’s Original Movie Did So Well?

the Scream made a whole generation of horror movie fans afraid to answer the phone. These days, we’re more likely to text someone than to call, but that doesn’t make the Wes Craven series any less scary. Now, 25 years after its first release and a few months before the release of the fifth film in the franchise, Nev Campbell is looking back on what made the original film so effective.

In the 1980s, the teen slasher genre was a major hit with horror fans, thanks to franchises such as Friday the 13 and Wes Cravens A Nightmare on Elm Street. In the mid-90s, by the time Craven took on the directing role for a new horror film, the enthusiasm for that particular brand of fear had waned. the Scream displayed a smart script by Kevin Williamson, and a cast of actors who were mostly unknown.

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