Scream star almost stabbed on set by Ghostface actor

Scream star Melissa Barrera reveals how close she came to being stabbed for real while filming her hospital fight-scene with Ghostface.

the Scream Star Melissa Barrera has revealed that she was almost realistically stabbed on set while shooting her encounter with Ghostface. The fifth entry in the meta-horror franchise has enjoyed a strong financial and critical reception so far, with the Scream Being the first film to knock Spider-Man: No Way Home 1 out of its pedestal at the box office. Following a group of horror-radical teenagers who are chased by a new assassin with the iconic spectral mask, the film introduces new characters to the series in addition to bringing back the former protagonist from the past. the Scream Hooda to face the movies once again against the slasher.

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Starring with Barrera, the ScreamThe impressive cast also includes Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding and Jack Quaid, with Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Marley Shelton and Neve Campbell reprising their roles from previous films. However, the road to the Scream Has been anything but easy. Development on fifth, following Wes Craven’s death in 2015 the Scream remained in limbo for some time, as Craven was seen as an integral part of the franchise. and its success. The film’s future was further heightened by the closure of The Weinstein Company in 2018 which had backed it. scream 4 And ready to pay two more instalments. But it was Spyglass Media Group that eventually came to the rescue of the film when they acquired the franchise rights in November 2019, allowing production the Scream Finally to move on.

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Speaking in an interview with heart, Barrera details his experience working on the hit slasher film, from his reaction to reading the script for the first time to his relationship with costar Jenna Ortega. When questioned early in the film about her hospital performance with Ghostface, Barrera relates an unexpectedly relatable anecdote, revealing how real the scene had become. Beginning the story by explaining how a mix of rubber and real knives were used throughout the shoot, Starr described their shocking encounter:

So we were doing a part of the sequence where I was on one side of a round table and he was on the other side, stabbing the table and trying to reach me. Well, during one of those stabbings, the knife slipped out of his hand and hit the window just behind me. And it was a real knife! And everyone got so nervous. Luckily, it went a little farther afield from me. But since then, he has had to stick the knife into the glove so that doesn’t happen. but poor ketho [Ward]Our stunt boy, was arrested. I felt so bad for her. I was like, “I’m fine!” And they were like, “Yeah, but it could really go wrong. Imagine if you were stabbed with a flying knife! That was my first experience with Ghostface.

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Barrera, a devoted fan of the Scream, also explains how she did almost all of her fight choreography herself for the film, despite the production crew’s initial hesitation. This dedication to the role rewarded the actor with an injured wrist after falling nearly 50 times during the shoot of his struggle with Ghostface. Despite his beard and injuries, Barrera praised directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillette for “making”.Such an incredible atmosphere for the shooting of this film“, as well as claiming that”It’s not something I would do instead” instead of returning to the role of Sam in the future the Scream installments

This certainly isn’t the first time the franchise has nearly missed shooting its brutal fight scenes, and many devoted fans of the series will no doubt bear a strange resemblance to Barrera’s encounter. Skeet Ulrich’s injury in the original the Scream, But it’s clear that Barrera hasn’t deterred in any way from her narrow escape, and her enthusiasm to return to the role of Sam is testament to how enjoyable the filming experience was for the cast. and during the success of the Scream What certainly has made the franchise’s future prospects more promising, it can be safely trusted that the producers of any further installments will want to ensure that there are no further flying-knife nuisances.

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