Say Yes to Dress: The 10 Most Expensive Dresses on Show

Everyone expects their wedding to be a day they’ll never forget, but some brides break the bank by making sure everything was perfect, including their dress. Kleinfeld is known to accommodate all budgets, but, for some customers, the price ends up as less of a consideration.

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Some brides come with a modest budget, while others come with none at all. So, out of all the brides who walk in through the door and try on wedding gowns, which one is really breaking the bank? Here’s a look at the 10 most expensive clothes featured in the show and their prices.

Updated by Tanner Fox on April 7, 2022: With 19 seasons debuting since the show debuted in 2007, Say Yes to the Dress has been an undeniable hit for TLC. Chronicling the tales of brides searching for their perfect wedding dress, Say Yes to the Dress has spawned a selection of spin-off titles and has lingered on for over a decade on a network that quickly Known for poorly performing shows.

While most of the dresses seen in the series range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, a few brides-to-be have really broken the bank by making sure their big day is as fabulous as they can be.

10 $3,100 – Megana

Megan from Yes to the Dress.

Megan sure shone and sparkled in this Hayley Paige dress. This alluring yet simple and elegant gown with a touch of sparkle definitely made her wedding look as grand as ever. This chiffon dress was one of the prettiest to hit the show, but it also cost a lot, even if it certainly isn’t comparable to some on this list.

Although relatively reserved, the dress costs more than three grand. Although nowhere near as expensive as some other gowns, its price may have surprised some onlookers.

9 $4,500 – Jesse

Say yes to the costume from Jessie.

This Maison Signore dress is paired with a tulle skirt with stunning lace and floral embellishments. Jesse was surprisingly walking down the aisle, and this appointment certainly cemented the success of her marriage.

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Besides, it was the last dress Jesse ever tried on, and she clearly knew it was the one. Her wedding was definitely one for the books, and she stunned in the only dress from this designer that made this list. This is a good example of a case in which, when a bride finds “the one,” all they have to do is get it, regardless of the price.

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8 $5,900 – Camic

say yes to the Dress

This bride almost gave her mother a heart attack when she wore black dress after black dress, but she couldn’t find anyone who cheered on her bridal party created by the fabulous Panina Tornai.

Cami Lee tried on this dress in both black and white and both looked absolutely gorgeous on this beautiful bride. Strapless and sleek, this $5,900 dress didn’t disappoint in any color and was one of the most unique from the TLC series. Matching her alternate flair, Cami was probably one of the most attractive bridesmaids of the series.

7 $12,500 – Kellyanne

say yes to the Dress

Matching this mermaid gown with Swarovski crystals, Panina Tornai strikes again. With a tulle skirt, shimmery bodice, and stunning corset, Katelynn certainly lighted up the aisle on her wedding day.

The bridesmaids and aunts gave away some cash so she can get the dress of her dreams, and this stunning gown is definitely worth a shout-out. It should come as no surprise that this designer has a bunch of gowns that range in price. However, it was ultimately a great display of family unity and a great feel-good moment for the series.

6 $21,300 – Alexandra

Yes to the dress from Alexandra.

Bride Alexandra Gerhart was looking for a welcome dress and stumbled across this Panina Tornai. Featuring Swarovski crystals, this gown has a sheer top and is utterly stunning, but it also sells for over $21,000, which, needless to say, is a pretty incredible amount.

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The bride’s mother wasn’t exactly thrilled about the price or the dress. Regardless, this dress is still included in the list of the most expensive to be displayed on the show, and it goes to show how expensive clothes can sometimes annoy family members.

5 $24,000 – Autumn

Say yes to the dress from autumn.

Sharad entered the shop with his fiancee’s blessings and wallet. She had two outfits in mind, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, but this one took the cake.

Of course, $50,000 was dropped to her would-be husband, including an $8,000 veil! It certainly became a staple for both the price tag and its unique look. Autumn was another prime example of a bride who didn’t settle for anything less than the very best.

4 $29,000 – Catrice

Catrice from TLC's Say Yes to the Dress.

This Pnina Tornai gown was taken to the dressing room nfl player and bar say yes Stars Thomas and Julius Jones And at that time was the largest and most expensive in the store!

The brothers were lovely, but this extravagant gown wasn’t the one that stole Catrice’s heart. Still, it was the costliest ever to appear on the show and was totally hilarious and cute. If she went with it at the end of the day, it would be quite historic say yes to the Dress moment.

3 $32,600 – Tracy

say yes to dress tracy

This Kentucky bride came to the store with an unlimited budget, and had no way to go without the wedding dress of her dreams. She too was looking for nothing less than a royal outfit for her royal day.

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Of course, it was Panina Tornai who designed this Whopper, and there’s nothing like it. This bride stunned her bridal party and definitely looked like a bridesmaid.

2 $34,000 – Kelly

Kelly Dooley and her wedding crew from Yes to the Dress.

Kelly’s mom is paying for her entire wedding, which she’s been saving for the rest of her life! Referred to as “modern-day Marie Antoinette,” Kelly’s wedding had an unlimited budget, and included her $34,000 dress.

This unique gown was silver and stunning and certainly made for a show-stopping wedding, and Kelly wowed everyone at her bridal party with a gown unlike any other to appear on the show.

1 $70,000 – Tabitha

Tabitha of Yes To The Dress from TLC.

Many fans of the show who later turn out to be brides surely can’t wait Famous designer Pnina Tornai. try on a gown, In season seven, bride Tabitha stole the show—and broke the record—for the most expensive gown ever, costing $70,000!

Forget about clothes; This is more than the cost of most weddings. That said, Tabitha definitely dazzled in this gorgeous outfit that she said yes and spent a pretty penny on. She neglected to share her special day with the public, but fans can still see this outfit in its original form.

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