Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe Just Keep Asking About Chanting Tatum’s Bomb in Lost City Interview

Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum are doing a lot of interviews and press events ahead of the release of their film. the Lost CityBut it seems there is another star of the film which is getting a lot of attention. Tatum’s butt seems to be a hot topic of conversation for the stars, and Radcliffe and Bullock apparently keep asking about it. Well, his butt and Brad Pitt’s not-so-cameo appearance,

in an interview with very fabDaniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock were asked who they were asked more about during their pre-release interview the Lost City, Bullock starts avoiding Radcliffe, which makes it clear that much has been asked about Channing Tatum’s ass. Here’s an answer to his question in his exact words:

Well, Brad, I didn’t, because I’m not in any scenes with him… I’ve been dressed by the same people who dressed him. He is like her best friend. So it was very, very funny… Today of course we’ve been asked more about Channing’s ass. As someone who hasn’t answered that question, I can 100% confirm that Channing’s ass is up. This is probably our model question for the day.

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