Sailing sunset: Chrishell mocks critics of her romance with Jason

Chriselle Stause is responding to Sunset’s sell-off to fans who are blasting her recent relationship announcement with Jason Oppenheim.

Chrisel Stause is clapping back selling sunset Fans of criticism she is receiving after confirming her new romance with Jason Oppenheim. The Netflix star shared a PDA post with her co-stars revealing how well things are going between her and Jason. After Deciding to Reprimand DM for Dating Her “owner,” Making fun of the online bashing, Chrishell opted to re-post some of them. His reaction comes when the audience anticipates his arrival selling sunset Seasons 4 and 5 on Netflix.

It was just last week when both Chrishell and Jason confirmed they were an item via photo slides teasing their couple’s trip to Italy. Jason’s twin brother Brett and his girlfriend Tina were also present with the partner. selling sunset Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonet starred. A trio of lovers vacationed in Capri, Italy and shared slideshows that included photos of Chrishell and Jason look extremely comfortable with. This is Chrishel’s second relationship since divorcing her ex-husband Justin Hartley. With Chrishell and Jason working together in the Oppenheim Group and appearing as co-stars on the hit Netflix series, there are many viewers who doubt these two will make it as a pair.

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Amidst all the scrutiny, Chriselle Stause took to her Instagram Story to answer some of her critics. She shared a video first captured by I! news Showcasing her pushup skills in a hot pink bikini. In another video clip, He put his hand on Jason Oppenheim’s back While he did some pushups. “Be tough on the boss,Chrishell captioned the post. In two separate posts, Krishelle shared screenshots of some of the DMs she received as a result of her new romance. “You’re 100% getting on with him,” said the follower. “Here’s a real Sherlock Holmes,” Chrishell replied sarcastically with a winking face and laughing emojis.

Chrishell Stause is Selling Jason Sunset

The next post revealed some of the shadow Chrishell received from a critic who felt she shouldn’t be dating her employer. “It’s weird with your boss!” The fan chuckled. But Chrishell showed just how upset she was with another cheeky response. “Who will tell him…?” She replied with more blinking face and tongue-out emoji. Later, Chrishell shared a PDA-packed video Her and Jason dancing together. The chairman and co-founder of The Oppenheim Group placed his arms around Chrishell and kissed his cheek.

This is the latest tease in Chrishell and Jason’s budding romance. With the time of their announcement approaching, while the cast enjoys a break from filming for Seasons 4 and 5, viewers are wondering whether the show will mark the beginning of Krisel and Jason’s relationship. Chrishell is finished selling sunset Season 3 as a heartbroken divorcee. Now, it looks like she is returning with a new man and a new glow. Viewers are wondering whether there will be favoritism now that an agent is paired with one of the agency’s owners.

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