Ryan Seacrest Details “embarrassing” American Idol Wardrobe Malfunction – E! online

ryan seacrest More than just the latest detected winner of American Idol During the season 20 finale of the show on May 22.

The host admitted that she faced “embarrassment” wardrobe malfunction He was able to see what he was working on right under his pants with viewers at home during the May 22 season finale.

“Apparently, America voted and said the shot had anatomy,” he joked in the May 23 episode. live with kelly and ryan, “There was just panic about it, and we changed it.”

As it turned out, after the start of the live show, his longtime stylist Miles Siggins, replaced him with this issue. “We go to the commercial and he says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to do change your underwear,'” Ryan recalled co-host Kelly Ripa, “I said, ‘What do you mean we need to change our underwear?’ ,

And since he didn’t have a backup pair, Miles offered Ryan his own. “He says, ‘Don’t worry, I got mine,'” said the 47-year-old. “He’s English, so he has short, tough ones. They were tight, elastic underwear,

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