Ryan Reynolds Recalls ‘Beautiful’ Way He Saved His Father After Brothers Pierced His Ears Without Permission

Every teen has rebellious moments that push against their parent’s authority, and Adam ProjectKay Ryan Reynolds was no different. For a teen Reynolds, it was an ear piercing. The only problem was that his strict police officer father was against it. While one might think they knew how the situation ended, things actually played out differently than expected. And as the Hollywood star explained, it was because of the “beautiful” way her brothers protected her after she went ahead and pierced her ears without permission.

free guy Actor reveals all about brother’s protector moment during interview My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (Via at) The Canadian actor told that he was 12 when he wanted to get his ears pierced. He told one of his older brothers about his plan, who shared some honest thoughts on the matter. Speaking about his brother’s reaction, the Hollywood star recalled:

My brother said, ‘You’re going to die. You’re going to come over for dinner tonight and there’s going to be a dirty stab to death because Dad is going to stab you with one of the utensils.’

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