Ryan Reynolds opens up about sex life with Blake Lively during surprise Jimmy Fallon interview – E! Online

Ryan Reynolds defeated Blake Lively in the WSJ. investigator award

Ryan Reynolds apparently not given Jimmy Fallon Lots of information for their interview preparation.

On Wednesday, November 10, Ryan was to appear Jimmy Kimmel Live, And will Ferrell Was announced as the guest planned for that night The Tonight Show, But the two actors switch places, Will shows up to chat with Jimmy Kimmel, while Ryan sits down with Jimmy Fallon.

Both talk show hosts pretended to be amazed by the transformation as Fallon tried to make small talk with a 45 year old red notice The actor about his wife of nine years, Blake Lively, at the beginning of the interview. “How’s Black? How’s the kids?” The host asked Ryan.

This prompted a seemingly innocuous response that Ryan replied, “You know, they’re all good. Blakeā€”no personal questions. But Blake is great. Sex is totally normal.”

Fallon then quipped over the apparent overshare and replied, “I wasn’t going to ask that.” But Ryan rebukes the host, saying, “Hey, hey, hey! Pump the sex brakes, Jimmy. I didn’t ask any personal questions, and you’re going right on it, right? Barbara Walters, easy.”

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