Rocky: Dolph Lundgren clarifies Drago spinoff after Stallone comments

Dolph Lundgren responded unfavorably to Sylvester Stallone’s report of a Rocky spin-off focusing on his character Ivan Drago and his son.

Dolph Lundgren clarified his involvement with rocky By-product, Drago, after the furious comments of Sylvester Stallone. In 1975, Stallone wrote the boxing drama rocky And, after several studios attempted to sell the script, the rights were sold to Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff under the warning that they had been cast in the lead roles. Nine years after the franchise starter won Best Picture and made him a superstar, writer/director/lead actor Stallone cast Lundgren to play the villainous Ivan Drago in 1985 Rocky IV,

A movie, a revival, and a cult In a later spin-off, Stallone and Lundgren reprized their roles. Creed II, in which Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) battles Victor Drago (Florian Munteanu), the son of Lundgren’s villain. Now, the boxing franchise continues to expand. In addition to Jordan’s directorial debut, Creed III— which will not feature Stallone’s Italian Stallion — it was recently leaked that MGM is developing a spinoff film centered on Ivan and Victor Drago. After this news, Stallone criticized Drago By-product and further accused producer Winkler of withholding and exploiting the rights rocky Voting.

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lundgren The potential Drago has taken to Instagram to set the record straight on his involvement with the spinoff. According to the actor, the project is only in talks at this stage, and he was under the impression that Stallone had a hand in its development. See full post below:

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The post comes after Stallone doubled down on his initial comments with another Instagram post aimed at Winkler, mentioning how he (reportedly) didn’t get a phone call from Lundgren, who called him by Stallone. After getting cast made his debut in the industry. Rocky IV, both have worked together Feather Expendables suffrage and see you again in the future Expend4bles, That said, it’s entirely plausible that Lundgren thought Stallone already knew Drago Before the film leaks While it’s comforting to know that the pair have settled their misunderstandings, it’s unfortunate that Stallone is now dealing with the horrific side-effects of a settlement made 47 years ago as a struggling actor.

outside of rockyVarious franchises of the 1970s and ’80s have gone to court over the control of character rights. For example, the rights of Friday the 13 Screenwriters are back to Victor Miller and the writers behind 1987 Cruel Tried to take Disney to court. Unfortunately, the latter pair was never able to make a deal with the prequel, to huntLanding on Hulu on August 5. At a time when every proven franchise expands ad nauseam, a . report of Drago The spin-off shouldn’t have surprised fans. The surprising part is that Stallone has no control over the IP (His rocky prequel series Notwithstanding). On the one hand, Stallone’s career would not be what it is today if he had not sold the rights. However, it is understandable that one’s family would want to inherit what someone has created. Regardless, at least fans now know where Lundgren stands amidst all the drama outside the ring.

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Source: Dolph Lundgren/Instagram

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