Robert Patrick Reveals Which Director Has More Fun: James Gunn Or Cameron

Terminator 2 and Peacemaker actor Robert Patrick reveals which filmmaker has more fun working between James Cameron and James Gunn.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day And peacemaker Actor Robert Patrick reveals which director is more fun to work with James Cameron And James Gunno, Of the two, Patrick first appeared in Cameroon as the T-1000. terminator 2, a role for which he is best known. The T-1000 was a Terminator model that could change shape, made of liquid metal, which allowed Cameron to push the boundaries of VFX, while resting a lot of personality on Patrick’s agile, yet robotic performance.

For peacemaker, Patrick portrayed the father of the titular character played by John Cena. Both the actors had previously acted together wwe movie Marine in 2006to reconnect in a more difficult onscreen relationship peacemaker, which was created and written by Gunn. Patrick Augie Smith is also a supervillain known as the White Dragon. peacemakerA racist, homophobic criminal mastermind who eventually influences his son’s mind, even after his death.

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while appearing on Inside You With Michael Rosenbaum Podcast, Patrick participated in a rapid fire Q&A session at the end of the episode. During this, the actor was asked a straightforward question about two of the biggest directors he’s worked with in Cameron and Gun: Which director is the most fun to work with? Patrick didn’t miss a beat, responding that Gunn was the more fun director, Rosenbaum was surprised at the quick response, saying, “Just like that!”

Collage by Robert Patrick at Copeland, T2 and Walk the Line.

Patrick’s response is certainly interesting, as he clearly has an affinity for her. Terminator 2: Judgment Day Villain and Cameroon’s film. Appeared outside Patrick in two separate appearances as the T-1000 terminator 2with vengeance for T2 3-D: Full Time Fighting Charm in a brief cameo for Universal Studios and for John McTiernan last action hero, That said, the actor has not worked with Cameron on any other projects. terminator 2, though that doesn’t mean Patrick didn’t enjoy his collaboration with the director very much. though his peacemaker As the character ends in the Season 1 finale, working with Gunn apparently had a major impact on Patrick in the few episodes the pair were filmed together (at least in terms of). “fun”,,

Patrick’s presence in his work in Hollywood over the past three decades has been extremely memorable. die hard 2, To terminator 2, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, And everything in between. While it’s rare that anyone plays a favorite in Hollywood, it doesn’t necessarily insult Cameron that Gunn would be more fun to work with. Ultimately, Cameron is known for being a very focused, technical, and no-nonsense type of filmmaker, while Gunn’s stature is equally focused, but far more playful and humorous. While this doesn’t mean that one director is better than another, Patrick’s direct answer seems perfectly logical. what is known about James gun And James CameronAttitude towards filmmaking.

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Source: Inside You With Michael Rosenbaum

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