Rick and Morty point out issues with Voltron and Power Rangers

Rick and Morty Season 5 has an episode inspired by Voltron and the Power Rangers – here’s how the episode addresses the issues in these shows.

rick and morty Season 5 is replete with a plethora of pop culture references — but “Gotron Xeric’s Revengeance” takes the opportunity to point out some flaws in the classic Voltron And power Rangers Chain. Voltron And power Rangers Television has been a staple of television since the 80s and 90s, becoming the creative series for generations of children. Both series feature individually powered ships that come together to form a heroic robot. However, this does not mean that there are no flaws in the franchise, as both have some problems. rick and morty Explains brilliantly.

In rick and morty season 5 episode 7Rick, Morty, and Summer are on their way to Boob World when they find something that excites Rick; A Gotron Ferret. Rick decides to leave Bub World in favor of collecting all five Gotron Ferrets, who join together to form a Voltron-type robot Gotron. When the family enjoys operating Gotron together, Rick decides to expand the fun; If each version of their family in each dimension assembles its own Gorton ferrets, they can form bigger and better Gotrons. When Rick becomes obsessed with power and is nearly killed by a crew of anime characters determined to take back Gotron, it’s up to him. Giant Incest Baby, Naruto to Save Ricky from their evil plan.

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Throughout the episode, several characters point to the weirdness that comes with Gotron ferrets. Jerry is the person to speak his disdain most clearly in the entire episode, raising some questions that any Voltron viewer probably has at some point. When the family first enters the Gotron Ferrets, Jerry is the one who decides to take the separate tubes from their house to the center of the volcano, just to meet together in the space above their house, above. slightly above. NS rick and morty The scene parodies the original Voltron, where each pilot had to leave his headquarters, go through its overly complicated tunnels for his lions, just to once again return to his lions, all in the same place. were kept.

rick and morty gotron

As the family begins piloting ferrets, ridiculous situations keep coming. His first fight with the Gotron ferrets shows how silly and formulaic the old fights were; NS Smith family They start fighting in their separate ships until they realize it’s pointless and decide to make Gotron into a highly attractive temperament. If Gotron is strong as a unit, what’s the point of trying to fight separately? When Beth explains that attacking one at a time may not be the best approach, Rick dismisses his concerns in favor of “”.You’re doing something amazing.” To illustrate how ridiculous the concept of five robots making up one robot is, rick and morty Takes the concept to an extreme, creating a Gogotron out of five Gotrons, and one of the five Gogotrons creating a Gogogotron.

The episode also takes some time to make fun of the anime original of the show. Several anime jokes pop up throughout the episode, including Summer naming the Giant Incest Baby “Naruto”. The episode jokes on the old too classic anime Format When Morty Describes Anime Girl”Big eyeshandjob The plus sign for teeth ends sentences with weird sounds that don’t fit?” When it comes to rick and morty While poke fun at other shows, it seems the classics aren’t even safe.

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