RHOSLC: Jenny reveals she splits from niece feud after viral TikTok

Jenny Nguyen is speaking out after her niece Tiff made shocking allegations against newcomer The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Speaking after the shocking allegations made against Jenny Nguyen The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Newcomer. The show newbie was recently called by her own niece, who posted a viral TikTok destroying Jenny allegedly to fake her story. According to Jenny’s niece Tiff, she and Du Tan are reportedly making up their story after suing their family members for money. Fans are wondering if the allegations have any weight. But Jenny seems to be dismissing the claims of different members of her family.

Lisa Barlow helped introduce Jenny to her friend and fellow housewife in Season 2. The Vietnam native recalled her difficult childhood and traveling to America by boat and shared her past struggles with pride. Her family with her husband and four children appeared to be happy and healthy until Dew made her plea for more children. But after the episode aired, Jenny’s niece took Tiktok to explode it”Disgusting“Aunt and Uncle’s”to make a fool of“Story. Tiff Claims Not Dew’s Push For More Kids”correct” Because he “When they were young they didn’t take care of their children.” Tiff accused Jenny of using her parents’ resources when she was down and out and even sued them for trying to funnel more money out of them.

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Since making the shocking allegations, fans of the show want to know how if they are true. A curious fan reached out to Jenny in her comments section and asked “What is the story behind your niece calling you?” Jenny explained her confusion With that attack that came from a niece who wasn’t even born when she remembers being with her family. “To be honest, I don’t know.” Jenny said in a screenshot reality blurb. “I haven’t talked to them or seen them [nine] years. She wasn’t even born when I was struggling in college,More of Jenny’s followers have asked about the claims, but she’s choosing to fuel more of the story.

Jenny Nguyen Du Tran RHOSLC

Fans of the show have hailed Jenny as a possible replacement for Zain Shah. She came on the show as a friend, but was quickly moved to a full-time position as she finished filming. Together Jane probably went to jail For 10-30 years, the producers had to bring some backup in case Jane left the show. But Jenny did not disappoint. Her marital problems with Dew and getting into verbal feuds make her the perfect addition to the show.

Jenny has already exchanged words with Mary Cosby and the fight between Jane Shah and Meredith Marx breaks up. Despite being a newcomer, Jenny is one tough cookie. But Andy Cohen will probably bring up Tiff’s allegations against Jenny at the reunion. With the allegations offscreen, it will be up to the makers to force Jenny to appear on the show. Jenny and Duyu’s tears Shade didn’t sound fake when it came to having more kids. But no one knows you better than your own family. Considering the scathing claims made against Jenny, she’s clearly the perfect addition to all the drama The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

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