RHOdubai: Caroline Stanbury shares new update on pregnancy struggle

Caroline Stanbury of Real Housewives of Dubai shares her struggles with IVF treatment. Caroline is worried about pregnancy complications.

Caroline Stanbury, who gained popularity real housewives of dubai, opened up about her pregnancy struggles. In the past, Caroline has been part of reality show women of london, When the show was cancelled, Caroline moved to Dubai and later joined road dubai, Since joining the show, Caroline has become the host of the podcast, divorced not dead, He has also partnered with various companies to be the brand ambassador.

Feather real housewives of dubaiCaroline’s family has become the focus because of the relationship drama. Caroline and her partner, Sergio Jose Carallo, often disagree with each other and do not share the same goals. When they were unable to agree on having children, they started having difficulties. Sergio was really hoping to start a family while Caroline hesitated. It has been argued that age difference between sergio and caroline have given them different priorities. However, they were eventually able to agree on having children.

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Unfortunately, Caroline recently shared with I! news that she is struggling to get pregnant. She is currently undergoing IVF to be able to carry her child. However, Caroline has experienced difficulties conceiving in the past due to serious health risks. Caroline shares that she currently has an embryo that has been fertilized; However, she was not able to obtain another embryo that was viable. Caroline is hoping that continuing IVF will allow her to obtain another viable embryo to increase the chances of the procedure being successful.

Caroline’s children from her last Vivah doesn’t seem excited about a possible pregnancy. Caroline currently has three teenage children. She shared that her eldest daughter, Yasmin, believes the children are troubling. While her children are hesitant, Caroline worries about her chance of becoming pregnant because of her age. She feels that the age difference between her and Sergio has made it difficult for others to understand their plans to have children. Fans have expressed their concern for the couple as many have pointed out that Sergio is not aware of the pregnancy process. Many are concerned about Caroline’s health during pregnancy.

However, many viewers are supporting the pair and hope they are able to have children, However, some fans do not find them compatible due to differences in preference and age. Fans feel that people should not assume negative traits of a person based on age. They argue that the two love each other and that Caroline and Sergio are adults who are able to work out their differences. Fans hope Caroline’s pregnancy is healthy and are excited to watch the upcoming episode real housewives of dubai,

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Source: I! news

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