RHOBH: What happened to Taylor Armstrong after the show?

Taylor Armstrong is a RHOBH alum who is no stranger to tragedy. He has rebuilt his life. Find out how things are going for him now.

Taylor Armstrong left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Season 3, but continued to appear as a guest on the show until Season 6. during his time rageTaylor Armstrong went through a lot in her personal life. Her marriage to her late husband, Russell Armstrong, was in trouble, and it made Taylor feel unhappy during much of their time together. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Despite the ongoing trial due to the passing of her husband, Taylor had recovered by season 3.

In the Season 2 reunion, Taylor revealed that her husband, Russell, sadly took his own life just weeks before the season premiere. Russell was believed to have serious financial problems (Much like Erica Jayne’s husband Tom Girardi) before his death in August of 2011. During Season 3, viewers watched Taylor grapple with her sudden death. She revealed in an earlier season that Russell had physically abused her on several occasions, and said that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her face because of the alleged abuse. Taylor has since moved on from her tragic situation and her life as a housewife.

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Taylor is now 50 years old and as of April 14, 2015, she is married to John H. Bluher. Bluher was his lawyer during the legal battle that followed Russell’s death. The couple hit it off immediately and were married within two years of meeting. “I certainly believe that the universe has put John in my path for a reason. we were meant to be,” Taylor revealed People those days. He continued, “John loves me the way I am. I just know that there will never be enough days with himJohn later adopted their daughter, Kennedy, whom she shared with her late husband.

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Taylor has since moved on from her troubled situation, which was shown rage. However, she still thinks about that time in her life. She’s shared old photos with former classmates and even made fun of the infamous drunken rant meme Twitter. The meme has Taylor screaming on the left, with a scared cat on the right. Taylor posted that meme on her Twitter Page several times before, laughing about it despite the turmoil felt when that moment was captured. with him Twitter page, taylor has one too instagram Account that she rarely uses. In addition, he is active on cameo Where fans can request videos from them. Taylor’s last photo she posted instagram It was her and her husband’s at an event on the red carpet, but it was 2015.

since taylor left rage, she lived a quiet life in Colorado, but has since moved back to Beverly Hills, according to radar online. She now has her wonderful husband and her lovely daughter, both of whom make her happy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills It was a memorable experience for her, but she is in a happy place now. Fans are glad that Taylor still makes occasional appearances on the series He has some memorable moments on the show.

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