Reggae-Jean Page’s James Bond Competition Adds a Falling Tom Hardy, a Rising Michael Fassbender and Another Surprise Bridgerton Alum

Competition around the new faces of james bond movies continues to heat up. Unsurprisingly, the reggae-gen page is still at the top of this game of detectives, but the rest of the latest developments in the field have provided some surprising updates. As Tom Hardy continues to run into obstacles, Michael Fassbender has got a surprise jump. Not to mention a surprising candidate from Netflix bridgerton Whispering is being done about the series now.

Tom Hardy Falls While Michael Fassbender Rises

latest data from US-Bookie There are plenty of surprises in store for those of you in the 007 race. As Tom Hardy had already suffered a setback at 007 odds, his chances are dwindling through the tiebreaking rise of Michael Fassbender. Here are the current James Bond betting probabilities, with each contestant’s next set of probability percentages.

  • Reggae-Gene Pages – 15/8 (34.78%)
  • Henry Cavill – 4/1 (20%)
  • Aidan Turner – 6/1 (14.29%)
  • Michael Fassbender – 8/1 (11.11%)
  • Tom Hardy – 10/1 (9.09%)
  • Idris Elba – 12/1 (7.69%)
  • James Norton/Cillian Murphy – 14/1 (6.67%)
  • Richard Madden – 18/1 (5.26%)
  • Tom Hooper – 25/1 (3.85%)

In other news, Poldark’s Aidan Turner continues his recent third-place finish Rather tightly, maintaining his 6/1 position. The same can be said for periodic favorites. Henry Cavill, who recently, but after retaining a brief stint in leadership, now sits unchanged at odds of 4/1. If there is any sort of surprise to be had, it is because of a rumor that has surfaced outside the usual suspects in the betting pool. The latest name to be thrown to the wind is none other than Bailey, Jonathan Bailey.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Is Bridgeton’s Jonathan Bailey Really Considered For James Bond?

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