Real-life vampire outfits urge caution after Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s blood-drinking rituals go public

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have certainly drawn attention to themselves for their less-than-traditional lifestyles. from Fox took off her pants on the red carpet Want your marriage to MGK a red river gothic siteYou can’t help but be concerned about the engaged couple. However, there is one habit that really raises people’s eyebrows, and that is the couple’s confessions. drink each other’s blood, It’s become such an issue that real-life vampire organizations have talked about how to do it safely.

Later Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox , the couple said they celebrated the occasion by drinking each other’s blood, drawing instant “vampire” comparisons on social media. In form of Jennifer’s Body The actress clarified that they practice rituals for a reason, there were some actual vampire groups that caught wind of the narrative, and she spoke to them. tmzurges caution for midnight in switchgrass Actors – or anyone whose interest was piqued by his admission. What were some of his concerns?

Partners’ diseases should be checked before drinking each other’s blood.

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