Real Housewives of the Potomac: Why Fans Think There’s a Colorism Issue

After six seasons, fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac believe there is a colorism issue on display when it comes to some cast members.

After six seasons, Potomac. the real housewives Fans tend to believe that there is an issue of colorism on display when it comes to certain cast members. Candias Dillard and Wendy Osefo both have Engaged verbally with his co-stars. While they have released the same shade as their counterparts, for some strange reason they are the only two current artists being labeled as “AggressiveOn and off the show. During the reunion, Wendy asked Ashley Darby if she thought there was an issue of colorism in the show. While Ashley said that colorism exists, she doesn’t think it is on her show. But the audience Expressing my opinion and many I think there are a lot of double standards going on against the only two brown skinned women on the franchise.

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As a veteran of the show, Candias’s mouth has got her in a lot of trouble during his time RHOP, Last season he had a physical fight with Monique Samuels. In Season 6, she engaged in a salad tossing war with newcomer Mia Thornton after making it tasteless.yo mama” Jokes about his mother, who struggles with drug addiction. Many people have blasted Candias’ heartless jokes that often result in her not taking full accountability for her actions. Much of her criticism is meted out by the audience, who lash out at Candias with harsh words, like the one she spews on the show. But when it comes to Wendy, the verbal jabs are reminiscent of her work as a political commentator. Her strong vocabulary and colloquialism made her read more like a lecture than a low jerk.

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However, Wendy’s is now divided into criticism And also being labeled”AggressiveBoth Giselle and Robin Dixon have accused Wendy of being aggressive during the season. During the reunion, the women attempt to explain to Candias why his words often go a long way in comparison to his words. One fan noticed the double standard by tweeting how the show isReally a cast full of baddies.” “That’s why they’re so entertaining and it’s hard to pick sides,” now check that said. ,This is also what makes colorism so overwhelming. Colorism isn’t about who likes whom, Candias and Wendy are supposed to be aggressive and angry when they are all,” He added. Flashback clips during the reunion showed Karen calling Giselle a drug addict and making outrageous claims against her.

In the past, Gisele takes a jibe at Karen’s husband, saying that she hopes he will live despite his old age. Both have hit each other very rarely. Nevertheless, neither Giselle nor Karen are punished and labeled as “Aggressive“By Artists and Viewers. Reddit Users u/dYAdventures1230 shared a screenshot of the tweet in a thread where viewers from all backgrounds agreed that the show was showing bias against only two brown-skinned women on the franchise. ,I love how misguided and transparent it is to hold the pearls on Candias and Wendy.” One person said. “There are certain double standards that are probably rooted in colorism,” added someone else. “I was a little surprised that colorism exists, but not in the show,” Ashley said.

Together Potomac. the real housewives Being the strongest shade thrower among all the franchises, it is difficult to say who is the most aggressive. When it comes to arguing with an artist, all the ladies have taken off their gloves that they are not getting along. Candias’ harsh comments made it tough To defend his claims of colorism. But when it is seen that only Candias and Wendy have won the title this season, it points to a possible bias within the cast and audience. It is worth noting when passing judgments on women, especially when some issues may be rooted in discrimination.

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Source: now check that/Twitter, u/dYAdventures1230/reddit

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