Real Housewives of New Jersey: Cast Ranked Based on Intelligence

real housewives of new jersey There have been 15 housewives in the past but today there are six women in the roster. what parted ronjo These women had family ties to other franchises. If they weren’t related to each other, they grew up with each other. And if they didn’t grow up with each other, they would have lived with each other in the same circle of friends. They are a close-knit group.

But even after 12 seasons, the fans do not know everything about these famous women. Most of the fights these women get into are college-educated and have incredible work experience.

Updated by Lynn Gibbs on July 30, 2022: The Housewives of New Jersey are known for their lavish lifestyles, dramatic friendships, and loving families. With 12 seasons of the series under its belt, fans of The Real Housewives have seen these women in countless defeats and scenarios. What is not often discussed is how educated these women are. Whether they went to college, started a business, or learned a lot through staying at home, New Jersey women are wildly intelligent.

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6 Dolores Catania: A Natural Business Owner

Dolores Catania with her ex-husband

Dolores Catania was a guest for years but she finally became a full-time member in Season 7. Viewers quickly learned that she had a unique relationship with her ex-husband but the two were in business together and loved each other as friends.

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Before going into business with her ex, Dolores was open about her education. She never went to college because she couldn’t afford it. She asked Bravo to compensate, she was once a corrections officer before becoming a realtor and later business owner of several gyms. Dolores quickly made herself one of the most loved housewives because of her business-savvy and raw nature. On the other side of the coin, Dolores has also made some shocking decisions when it comes to her relationships or her blind support of Teresa Giudice.

5 Jennifer Aydin: Business Degree from Hofstra University

Jennifer Aydin joined the Women of New Jersey in Season 9. She turned heads at first because of her traditional Turkish background but proved to herself (and to her husband) that she was capable of mixing old traditions with modern ways. Jennifer’s husband Bill Aydin has also proved to be one of them. rose top husband.

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On the show, Jennifer clarified that being a mother and a wife was everything she wanted. She excels in taking care of her family and takes pride in that. However, before having five children, Jennifer went to Hofstra University and earned a business degree, opening her own jewelry store (according to) Praise), And Praise Even shared that she had her own cooking section on TV.

4 Teresa Giudice: Degree in Fashion Marketing from Berkeley College, New York

Teresa Giudice smiling and returning home from prison on RHONJ

Teresa Giudice is the OG of New Jersey who has had iconic lines over the years, She’s been a part of the series since season 1 and eventually made the most of the drama over the years. With four daughters and her ex-husband exiled, Teresa had to rely on herself and bring Bacon home.

Teresa loathes when Danielle Staub asks her to “pay attention,” she’s smart enough and has a degree in fashion marketing from Berkeley College in New York. She became a Macy’s buyer before later settling down and becoming a stay-at-home mom. Thanks to the show, Teresa is also a New York Times best-selling author, was on other reality television shows, and created her own line of cocktails, among other business deals.

3 Margaret Joseph: A Fashion Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York

Margaret snacks on RHONJ for dinner

Margaret Joseph entered real housewives In season 8, the world came running and entered the fray. Known as the “powerhouse in pigtails,” Margaret didn’t care if she made enemies as long as she stayed true to herself and what was right. he has something The biggest fight with Teresa But he has made himself comfortable in the group.

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Apart from filming, Margaret is also a powerhouse in the fashion world. Thanks to her degree from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, her lifestyle brand and clothing line is (according to Praise) After working at the Garments Center in New York, Margaret was inspired to create her own clothing and designs. Twenty years later, Margaret’s line is still going strong.

2 Melissa Gorga: Elementary Education from New Jersey City University

Melissa Gorga RHUGT.  But posing in a cut out maxi dress

Melissa Gorga is called by every name in the book because of her many enduring arguments with her sister-in-law Teresa, but she must remember one name: Teacher.

Before she met Joe and had three children, Melissa was a teacher. He received a degree in elementary education from New Jersey City University. The test that is done after graduation to obtain a license to teach in a particular state is what differentiates his degree from others. Melissa is very bright and is often underestimated. what he doesn’t need anymore Pay for Her New Jersey Vacations Because he is successful in himself. Melissa doesn’t teach these days but she is the owner of her boutique, Envy.

1 Jackie Goldschneider: Law degree from Fordham University School of Law

Jackie Goldschneider from Ronje

Jackie Goldschneider joined the cast in Season 9 and brought a fresh air to the series. She was the mother of two sets of twins and worked hard to make the lives of her children as normal as possible, even though they were very privileged. Jackie is currently a freelance journalist with her own column in her local newspaper, but before creating a successful column, Jackie attended law school at Fordham University School of Law and formed a “small real estate management company”. Praise,

Her wealth, degree and knowledge was a shock to fans and classmates because Jackie and her husband lived minimally and did not need to show off their wealth like others because they found it “sticky”. Still, it took years of hard work and determination to become a licensed attorney. With Season 13, it is rumored that Jackie was demoted to a friend of the series, but thanks to her five years on the show, she still has some of the best friendships.

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