Razer debuts Hello Kitty-themed gaming accessories

Tech company Razer today launched its latest PC gaming accessories featuring the popular Sanrio characters known as Hello Kitty and Friends.

Razer today launched its latest collaboration featuring the popular Sanrio characters known as Hello Kitty and Friends. The tech company is known for its hardware as well as the gaming accessories that they have released over the years. this cooperation, like jenshin effect Official Razer Gaming Chair, Bringing gamers comfortable and stylish new accessories themed on some of their favorite games.

Hello Kitty Sanrio is one of the company’s most recognizable characters. Her image can be found on any imaginable cargo and there was even an airline theme around her throughout the flight. Hello Kitty is no stranger to video games. The popular Japanese character and his friends have appeared several times in various games across the platforms over the years. The characters have different playing styles and they even have mario kart style Racing game called . is referred to as Hello Kitty Cruiser. most recently, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Featured Hello Kitty and Sanrio Players can scan amiibo cards to obtain Sanrio-themed furniture and clothing.

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polygon recently shared news of the new Razer and Hello Kitty collaboration. Some of the new accessories include a new headset, a new mouse, and even a new gaming chair. The headset is white with pink ear covers. A print of Hello Kitty and Friends is on the inner top of the headset, along with the Cat Ears complete with Hello Kitty’s signature bow. The headset costs $119.99 USD. The mouse is Razer’s most popular model known as the DeathAdder and features a picture of Hello Kitty sitting on a rainbow. A bundle is available with the Hello Kitty and Friends mouse pad. The last major item displayed is Razer’s New Hello Kitty Gaming Chair, For $499 USD, players get a lovely pink chair with Hello Kitty on the front and an image of Hello Kitty and Friends on the back. The seats are Razer’s Iscur X model and built with multi-layered synthetic leather and high-density foam cushions, which are said to be ergonomically sound for hours of gaming. All these objects can be seen through Razerwebsite of.

Razer debuts Hello Kitty-themed gaming accessories

While most of the items are currently out of stock, some will be available for pre-order soon. The Gaming Chair is scheduled for pre-order starting in mid-February, but the mouse/mouse pad combo doesn’t have a specific date listed. Interested players can be notified when item pre-orders and restocks go live. One item that is currently available for purchase is Hello Kitty Memory Foam Seat Cushion. It costs $59.99 and is ergonomically sized fit razer gaming chairs And perfectly sculpted to support the lumbar region.

Hopefully, Hello Kitty fans will soon be able to upgrade their gaming accessories and collection with these new products. With all these collaborations popping up with popular characters, it will be interesting to see which property Razer Gives the NeXT the PC gaming accessory treatment.

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Source: polygon, Razer

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