Ranking Every Leonardo DiCaprio Character in the Martin Scorsese Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in five films for Martin Scorsese, breathing life into some unforgettable characters (both fictional and real).

Back in the ’70s, when Martin Scorsese produced New Hollywood classics like . made a name for himself with mean streets And taxi driver, Robert De Niro became inextricably linked with the director’s filmmaking. This iconic actor-director duo unite for such acclaimed gems raging Bull, casino, And Irishman, But around the turn of the 21st century, Scorsese began working with a new leading man: Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Scorsese’s latest film, true-crime western noir flower moon killer, starring both DiCaprio and De Niro would be his first directorial effort. During his two-decade working relationship with Scorsese, DiCaprio has starred in five of his films, breathing life into some unforgettable characters (both fictional and real life).

5 Amsterdam Valone (Gangs of New York)

Henry Thomas and Leonardo DiCaprio in Gangs of New York

Released in 2002 to good reviews and moderate box office success, gangs of New York One of Scorsese’s most ambitious films. The director set out to imagine how modern America came to be, with a complex story involving Irish immigrants, freed slaves, and the Catholic-Protestant feud. DiCaprio starred as Amsterdam Valon, a young gangster seeking revenge on Bill “The Butcher” Cutting for the murder of his father.

This human story and associated inspiration captivates audiences and places the film against the vast backdrop of an American origin story. A young DiCaprio managed to catch his opposite Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill the Butcher, but he was eventually captivated by Day-Lewis’s generally unforgettable performance.

4 Billy Costigan (The Departed)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson in The Departed

When Scorsese accepted the Academy Award for Best Director for his work on the fast-paced crime thriller dead man, he joked that it was his first film with an actual plot. Scorsese usually conducts character studies about a personal journey undertaken by a morally questionable adversary. In dead manIn a more traditional narrative form, DiCaprio plays a true Hollywood hero, which audiences may like.

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The English language remake of the action-packed Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs, dead man DiCaprio as an undercover cop sneaks into an Irish mob to find out which of his associates have infiltrated the police force on behalf of that mob. Plus, the same cop mole, played by Matt Damon, is trying to find out who the undercover cop is. dead man is a cat and mouse thriller In which cat and mouse are chasing each other.

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3 Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Leonardo DiCaprio partying at The Wolf of Wall Street.

From gangs of New York To dead man To shutter Island, most of DiCaprio’s starring vehicles in Scorsese’s canon are monotonous dramatic pieces. But that tone didn’t feel right for Jordan Belfort’s story. Orgy and drug details in Belfort’s memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street, were close to hangover From goodfellas, sopranos Writer Terence Winter infuses his script with a pitch-black sense of humour, and DiCaprio dismisses every comic delivery out of the park.

DiCaprio delivers his funniest performance The Wolf of Wall Street, made the audience so attractive that the film was Accused of glorifying Belfort’s criminal lifestyle, But the excess is so much that it should be seen as satire. DiCaprio plays Belfort as modern-day Caligula – the ruler of a corrupt empire addicted to sex, drugs and money.

2 Teddy Daniels / Andrew Ledis (Shutter Island)

Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island

with their 90s remake inner fear, shutter Island One of Scorsese’s only horror films. opening scene of shutter Island, adapted from the novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane, stars DiCaprio as a US marshal sent to a mental institution on a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a patient. But from the offset, it’s clear that nothing is what it looks like.

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Scorsese doesn’t just stop the audience from speculating; He keeps guessing DiCaprio’s character. The entire film rests on DiCaprio’s performance as he moves in and out of reality and learns all the shocking twists and turns at the same time as the viewer. This is the best hero for a psychological thriller. As DiCaprio slowly unravels the layers of his deeply troubled character, viewers get a haunting insight into his troubled psyche.

1 Howard Hughes (The Aviator)

DiCaprio and the plane in the aviator

Scorsese overtook some other directors with the Howard Hughes biopic. Hughes is one of the most charmingly eccentric figures in American history, and justice to this complex magnate as a movie character required the combined efforts of a master filmmaker and an incredible actor.

DiCaprio’s poor performance the Aviator It does just that. He shares impeccable chemistry with his co-stars such as Cate Blanchett as Noah Dietrich as Katharine Hepburn and John C. Reilly, and when Hughes distances himself from society and spends the film’s extended scenes alone. spends, then he alone takes charge of the screen. It is not easy to bring acuity to a person urinating in milk bottles.

In the Aviator, DiCaprio painted a round, intense portrait of Hughes. His performance is not focused on sensational aspects like his bitten nails; He shows all the sides of this historical symbol. DiCaprio would have been a shoo-in for Best Actor the Aviator Had it not been issued in the same year Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles,

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