Amazing facts of Ramsetu

Ramsetu or Adam’s bridge is a controversial topic from the beginning which connects Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.


Scientific research have decided that the Palk Strait is a pure bridge formed by limestone shoals. Surprisingly, this causeway is seen from an aerial view even to at the present time. The entire problem of Ramsetu is mysterious and that makes us to speak about it much more! Ramsetu or the Adam’s Bridge is a path of limestone shoals which have taken the type of a pure bridge. Geological research point out that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka.


The debate about whether or not the Ramsetu is natural or a man-made bridge is going on from years. Many discussions have led to some fascinating things that make us astonished about Ramsetu. However, the Hindu spiritual theories imagine that it’s the bridge constructed by Lord Rama and his troop Vanara (monkey) military as talked about within the epic Ramayana. According to Indians or Hindus the bridge name is Ramsetu but according to scholars and scientists they gave it an English name called Adams bridge. Due to the change in name there is a quarrel some debate which is still today.

According to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) there isn’t any historic and scientific proof to ascertain the existence of Lord Ram or the opposite characters of the Ramayana. Denying the Ramsetu or Adams Bridge is a man-made construction, it mentioned Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas can’t be taken as a historic report to “prove the existence of the characters or occurrence of events” depicted in it.

 Archaeological department stated, the bridge is a pure formation made from shoals and sand bars. “They have formed due to several millennia of wave action and sedimentation,”

The bridge is nearly 50 km lengthy and separates the Gulf of Mannar (south-west) from the Palk Strait (northeast). According to the reviews, the channel was passable on foot as much as the fifteenth century till storms deepened it. Records within the Hindu temples declare that the Ramsetu was utterly above sea level till it broke in a cyclone in 1480. The debate about whether or not the bridge is natural or a man-made is happening since years.

Ramsetu Bridge

In December 2017, a promo was launched by an American Channel recommended that the bridge will not be a natural formation and will have been constructed by people. Citing photos from a satellite tv for pc of NASA, the present claimed that investigators have discovered a line of rocks 30 miles lengthy between India and Sri Lanka.

Specifically, the 7,000-year-old rocks are sitting on sand that’s 4,000-years-old.


Rameshwaram is a quiet city, lies within the state of Tamil Nadu and is a part of the enchanting Pamban Island. The city is linked to the remnant of the nation by way of the famous Pamban channel. The Mannar Island in Sri Lanka is about 1,403 km away from Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is considered one of the holy site of the Hindus and a must visit during the Char Dham Yatra or the holy pilgrimage.


Rameshwaram was the place from where Lord Rama, who is considered the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, had constructed the bridge to Sri Lanka to be able to rescue his captured wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. In reality, the phrase Rameshwara means “place where Eswara was worshiped by Rama” and presumably that is from where the place will get its name.

The renowned Ramanathaswamy Temple is situated in the centre of the city and is devoted to Rama. The temple is visited yearly by lakhs of Hindus to offer prayers and seek blessings from the god. It is also believed that Rameshwaram was the place that Lord Rama decided to atone for his sins. He was eager to seek penance after having killed the Brahmin king, Ravana. Rama wished to construct the most important Shivalingam and requested Hanuman to fetch the linga from the Himalayas. This took time and Sita constructed a Shivalingam there within the meantime. This lingam is regarded to be the one that’s still present in the shrine of the Ramanathaswamy Temple.

The main significance of Rameshwaram is due to the numerous temples that are dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu and due to the numerous pilgrimage that are located in and round Rameshwaram. Every year Hindus from all parts of the world go to the holy place to be able to achieve moksha or salvation. Paying their obeisance within the temples at Rameshwaram is a must for the Hindus at least once in their life.


There are about 64 Pilgrimage or holy water bodies located in Rameshwaram. Of these, 24 are considered of importance and it’s a must to bathe in these water bodies as it’s believed that this helps in washing away the sins. Washing away the sins is a vital side of achieving salvation and no pilgrimage is taken into account complete without bathing in these holy waters. In reality, bathing in all of the twenty four pilgrimage is considered penance in itself. There are many locations in Rameshwaram which have quite a lot of spiritual significance for the Hindus. Some of those embrace the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, the twenty four temple tanks or pilgrimage and the Kothandaramar.


1.Ramsetu is a connecting Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.

2.The bridge is 50 km lengthy and separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. Some of the sandbanks are dry and the ocean around the area is very shallow, being only 1 to 10 meters (3 to 30 ft) deep.

3.The bridge was fully above sea level until 1480 when it was damaged by a cyclone that hit the world.

4.Geological survey of India said that the bridge was previously a land connection between India and Sri Lanka.

5.According to Valmiki’s Ramayana Ramsetu is believed to be the bridge constructed by Lord Rama’s military force which was monkey to reach Lanka and rescue his wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana.

6.Ramsetu is taken as the one archaeological and historic proof of Ramayana.

7.Ramsetu can be known as Adam’s Bridge, Nala Setu, and Setu Banda.

8.Scientific research reveal that the bridge is product of limestone shoals and is a linear sequence of coral reefs. It is made from floating rocks which are discovered scattered throughout Rameswaram and scientific theories suggest that some volcanic rocks do float on water.

9.The bridge is underneath the water now however the water is shallow on this a part of the ocean making navigation inconceivable and the ships need to take one other roundabout route to reach Sri Lanka.

10.Oceanography analysis suggests that the bridge is 7000 years old which tally with the carbon dating of seashores close to Dhanushkodi and Mannar island with the supposed date of Ramayana.

11.The Setu Samudram Project is a proposed bridge to be constructed over the Palk Strait. The goal was to have a shortcut route from Pamban Island to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.

12.Hindus imagine that Ramsetu is a holy website and therefore no bridge needs to be constructed over it. From the angle of science, the bridge would possibly destroy the natural reefs which had existed for 1000’s of years.

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