Proof #RichKids of Beverly Hills’ Dorothy Wang will be on season 2 of Bling Empire – E! Online

Welcome to Reality TV dorothy wang.

on Wednesday, August 4 #RichKids of Beverly Hills The alum was seen filming for season two Netflix‘s Bling Empire. In the new production picture, Wang dressed to the Nine as she wore a flashy neon green shirt, classic blue jeans and a crisp white top.

Ex E! The personality recently teased her new role on Instagram by sharing footage of her outing with season one. Bling Empire Star Jaime Zee. In a video shared on their Instagram story, Wang and Zi picked up some gifts while shopping at Irevan Market.

Wang captioned the post, “Back in our natural habitat.”

The reality TV vet hinted at her new gig by writing on an upload from August 5, “I have a secret, can you keep it? Forgot to take the sticker out of my bag, don’t tell.”

What else was he saying? The post shows Wang wearing same Dress as described above. According to an E! The news source, Wang is “having fun” as it has been a “really great” filming experience so far.

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