Prison Break: Michael Scofield’s Death Explained (And How He Survived)

2005-2009 series escape from prison Returns in 2017 with a revival series, set years after the original escape from prison Finished. escape from prison Season 5 reunites the original cast with Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Sarah (Sarah Wayne Callies), T-Bag (Robert Knepper), C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) and Sucre (Emouri Nolasco) planning another breakout. added together. , The show’s star, Wentworth Miller, was also back as Michael Scofield—which can be a bit confusing, given that Scofield died in the original series.

premiere of escape from prison Season 5 also begins with Miller’s distinctive voice, saying “I died seven years ago” This is followed by a speech on liberty, before the episode progresses with Lincoln discovering that his brother is still alive and in prison in Yemen. So how is this possible? escape from prison The universe is not one with magic or supernatural powers, so the question is how escape from prison season 5 Whether a dead man can be seen alive after seven years in a Middle Eastern prison is an important consideration.

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As the name of the series implies, escape from prison Plenty of adventure getaways are facilitated, many of which have been organized by Scofield himself. Thus, if anyone were to make a miraculous return after a carefully planned fake death, it would be Michael. Here’s how Michael died escape from prison happened, and how was it undone escape from prison Season 5.

Michael’s illness: what kills him in prison break

Michael Scofield collapses next to Lincoln Burroughs prison break

Michael Scofield spent escape from prison Seasons 1-3 appears to be in perfect health – Michael’s overall health was also an issue escape from prison Season 1, when he has to convince Sarah that she is a diabetic so that she can get regular hospital admissions. Although, escape from prison Season 4 Throws Michael Scofield A bad turn, as it turned out he was dying. Michael started bleeding nose and severe headache, even passing out of pain. At first, Michael hid his deteriorating health from Lincoln and Sarah, but eventually, they find out, and Lincoln is terrified. He mentions Michael’s teenage years and his mother’s health issues, revealing that his mother had similar problems before she died of an aneurysm at the age of 31. Michael, now at the same age his mother died, was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a hypothalamic hamartoma; A brain tumor that requires immediate surgery. However, he refused to undergo surgery, as he is too busy with the treatment. escape from prison The antagonist, The Company, and the conspiracy that he, Lincoln and Sarah are trying to uncover.

Michael goes into remission in Prison Break season 4

The Michael Scofield Company is being operated by

for a while now escape from prison season 4Michael Gets Sarah to get him treated, just enough for him to continue with his work. However, he collapses while trying to get Scylla (the information everyone wants), and the company kidnaps him and takes him to their facility. There, they convince Lincoln and Sarah that they can cure them, and that their medical research is far more advanced than what is available to the general public. They promise to operate and save Michael, but only when Lincoln retrieves Scylla for them.

The company works on Michael, using an experimental process that has worked in the past, but that is still largely untested. As Sarah watches, he begins to flatline, before a mysterious serum is injected into his brain, which causes him to heal. The process really helps Michael, as it allows him to understand the elements of escape from prisonroot hub conspiracy that he had not before, and when he had recovered enough to survive, he and Sarah fled the company, believing that Michael’s death could have been avoided, as he had recovered.

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Michael’s sacrifice in the final break

Michael Scofield's Tombstone Prison Break

it’s only in final breaka TV movie special that ended escape from prison Seasons 1-4, that Michael Scofield dies (allegedly). In final break, it is Sarah who ends up in prison, who was arrested on her wedding day for a murder she committed to save Michael. Once again, Michael Scofield has to plan to get someone he loves out of prison. Michael was first secretly involved in this plan. In prison, and then lead Sarah through underground tunnels to freedom. At the end of the tunnel, however, is a locked door, trapping the two of them inside. This is what ultimately kills and ends Michael escape from prison Odyssey, Michael reveals that he knew this was a possibility, and that he could open the door by creating a power surge to override the mechanism. This isn’t a perfect solution though, as the boom will deliver an electric shock and kill him. In an emotional goodbye, Michael tells Sarah that he will always be with her in their child, and brings the two strings together, opens the door and goes downstairs in a shower of sparks.

During escape from prisonAt the conclusion of the show, Sarah is given a letter and DVD from Michael, who wishes she had it if she couldn’t make it. The message tells Sarah and Lincoln that Michael must have died anyway, as the company didn’t actually cure him, just delayed his death for a while. He said he has no regrets, and that now they are all, finally, ‘free’.

Why did the prison break kill Michael?

Sarah Tancredi watching Michael Scofield's final tape on Prison Break

Michael Scofield’s tragic death in escape from prison Season The finale of 4 was a shock to the show’s characters and audiences alike, but it wasn’t without good reason. Though 2017 saw escape from prisonThe revival of the series was successful, it likely hadn’t already ended in 2009. Thus, escape from prisonThe writers would naturally be looking for a way to give the show a fitting conclusion and eventually end the cycle of imprisonment and prison break into which Michael Schofield & Co. fell. While the death of Michael Scofield escape from prison The ending was a brutal means of offering, making it feel like a natural conclusion to his character arc. After suffering so much, giving Michael the opportunity to make a grand gesture of love for his family is a cathartic release. Likewise, while Michael Scofield himself rarely pulled the trigger escape from prison season 1-4, He committed crimes and indirectly hurt others, thus making even his death a kind of atonement.

How Michael survived the Prison Break sequel series

Kaniel Outis in Prison Break Season 5

Naturally, the question of how Michael Scofield is still alive escape from prison Season 5 emerged as soon as the revival series announced that Wentworth Miller would return as the main character. Similarly, escape from prison The opening narration of Season 5 and the revelation of Michael being jailed in Yemen prompted questions about how he survived. in truth escape from prison Fashion, the answer comes back to conspiracy and espionage. it turns out in escape from prison season 5 episode 5 in which michael dies final break was actually staged. Shortly before his and Sarah’s wedding, Michael was approached by a Rogue CIA AgentPoseidon, who asks Michael to fake his death and work for him in exchange for his family’s freedom. Sarah is arrested due to Michael’s initial refusal final break, which prompted him to accept Poseidon’s offer and go off the grid. This explanation for Michael Scofield’s death-defying comeback escape from prison Season 5 thus neatly argues for both his death being fake and his seven-year absence.

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