Princess Bride star Carrie Alves taken to hospital after rattlesnake bite

Cary Elwes has spent much of his career fighting a variety of enemies, from frantic kings to the psychologically and physically challenging traps of Jigsaw. Some scenarios have been serious such as saw Lead in series or word in comic like Robin Hood: Men in Tights, But his latest enemy was closer to home the Princess Bride As an actor he experienced an off-screen incident that required him to be taken to the hospital.

according to this tmza close source of Ella Enchanted The actor was allegedly bitten by a rattlesnake while working outside his Malibu residence on April 23. When this incident happened, it was not clear where the snake had bitten them. Since the snake is believed to be venomous, the source alleged that it was server enough to allow the actor to be taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for treatment. He claimed that it was the inner circle of the actor who wanted him to be seen by a doctor at that time. It was reported that the actor is making a full recovery at the medical facility after the accident.

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