Police get warrant to search Alec Baldwin’s phone after shooting Rust movie – E! Online

Warrant wants all the information on the phone which is related to War Any person working on production and production. According to the warrant, no information will be collected that is “unrelated” to the purpose of the investigation.

The warrant also contained details of the police investigation, including an interview with Baldwin from October 21. “Alec advises in the scene that he slowly pulls the gun out of the holster, then very dramatically swings it and hammers it, which is when the gun goes off,” the document states. .

It continues, “He said it was supposed to be a ‘cold gun,’ so no flash charge or anything should have gone through. Alec said all rounds in the gun should be cosmetic or ‘dummy’ rounds. Alec advised Granted that when the gun went off, he could remember Haleena (Hutchins) growing up and going downstairs, and Joel (Souza) starts screaming.”

during a Recent interview with ABC News, Baldwin said that the “trigger was not pulled” on the gun. “Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who it is, but I know it’s not me,” he said.

Baldwin said he had “no idea” how a live round allegedly happened on set. “Someone shot the gun alive,” he alleged. “A bullet that shouldn’t have even hit the property.”

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