Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Player Gets the Wrong Legendary

A Pokémon Shining Pearl player is surprised to find the legend wrong with his game, receiving a dialga of Brilliant Diamond instead of Palkia.

a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl The player has learned that their copy of the game contains the wrong Legendary Pokémon, offering Dialga instead of Palkia. pokemon shining pearl, Nintendo’s latest games in the beloved franchise, remakes of the originals Nintendo DS’ pokemon diamond and pearl, Released last week on November 19, And fans have been flocking to the Sinnoh area ever since and discovering everything the game has to offer.

mainline pokemon Games have traditionally been launched with two different versions since the first release. pokemon Games in Japan in 1996. versions differ in slightly different ways, and pokemon Fans get special Legendary Pokémon based on the version of the game they purchase. in the past, seen with pokemon sword and shield, both versions had their own ROMs. However, it has been confirmed that both brilliant diamond And shining pearl There is only one ROM. it means that pokemon Fans are actually buying the same game no matter which version they buy. The version available to the player is determined by a type of flag in the game’s code. it was discovered through pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl rom leak Before the official release of the games.

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in post on pokemon bdsp subreddit, user berry-allen09 , posted many pictures of pokemon brilliant diamondDialga, the legendary Pokémon that appeared in their pokemon shining pearl Play. shining pearlKa’s legendary Pokémon is Palkia, so it’s definitely odd that Dialga appears instead. What’s even more odd is that the photos from Berry-Allen09 show that some other aspects of the game are right around the Legendary, like Palkia’s Lustrous Orb. In addition, a photo of the Nintendo Switch homepage of the fan shows that they are playing Shining pearl.

pokemon shining pearl false legend

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at first sight, pokemon Fans Can Embrace the Flag in Berry-Allen09’s Code pokemon shining pearl the game is just switched pokemon brilliant diamond, Therefore, although the game is packaged as shining pearl, it’s really brilliant diamond Version with the legendary Pokemon Dialga, However, with the game offering items exclusively for Palkia, it is likely that Berry-Allen 09’s copy of the game has gone haywire. This is further supported by the fact that Berry-Allen 09 commented that all of the dialogue in his play refers to Palkia, but the cutscenes include Dialga. While a glitchy copy of the game may prove disappointing, it may be worth some money in the future.

Players can trade Pokémon with each other no matter what version they have, and while Berry-Allen 09 can trade their awkwardly placed Dialga for a Palkia, for novelty It might be best to catch that Legendary Pokémon. It’s unclear whether many people have been affected by the apparent bug, or whether Nintendo will take action if further players report the same issue. it is possible that a pokemon bdsp patch Beary-Allen09’s Pokémon can restore the order of the problem, but this may depend on how widespread the error is.

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Source: berry-allen09/reddit

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