Pokemon BDSP: How To Get A Black Belt (And What It Does)

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players can obtain a black belt for their Pokémon to provide a passive advantage in battle.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Players can receive a black belt for their Pokémon in the form of an item held to provide a passive advantage in combat. In addition, there are many items throughout brilliant diamond And shining pearl which provide type-specific boosts to the base power of a Pokémon move. for example, strange sunshine pokemon bdsp Gives 20% boost to psychic-type physical and special attacks.

One of the best parts of these type-attack boosting items is that they stack with the same attack type bonus, commonly known as STAB. STAB is activated automatically when a Pokémon uses a move that matches the Pokémon’s type and increases its power by 50%. This is an incredible bonus that allows a Pokémon like Alkazam to increase its psychic attack power from 90 to 135 base damage. When a strange incense occurs in Alkazam, the psychic is boosted even more for a base damage of 162. Black Belt Provides a Similar Effect pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, But for fighting-type Pokémon.

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Best Competitive Fighting-Type Pokemon In BDSP Can make the most of the Black Belt as it gives a 20% boost to all Fighting-type moves. Normal-, Ice-, Rock-, Dark-, and Steel-type Pokémon all receive 2x damage from fighting-type moves. So if a fighting-type Pokémon uses any of these fighting-type moves while holding a Black Belt, it can deal 160% of that move’s base damage. For example, the Aura Sphere would normally deal 80 base damage, but if used by Lucario with all of these power-ups, the Aura Sphere would suddenly deal 288 damage.

Black Belt Location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon BDSP: Black Belt and Expert Belt Location Route 221

In pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, the only way to get a Black Belt is to fulfill the requests of a particular NPC. On Route 221, players will find a lonely house with a blue roof and an NPC inside. Every day, this character randomly requests between one and 100 to see a Pokémon at any level. While players are not required to do so pokemon bdsp national dex In order to meet this man, they need to use the Surf Move outside of combat. Unfortunately, this means that the area is off-limits until players defeat Heartholm City gym leader Fantina.

In addition to the Black Belt, this NPC will also gift trainers a Specialist Belt and a Focus Sash. While this is the only place players can obtain the Expert Belt, the Focus Sash is also available for 15 BP in the Battle Tower exchange counter. The NPC gives each of these items in a specific order, starting with the Black Belt and ending with the Focus Sash. It does not require players to complete these challenges per day, but only one item can be earned once a day, and the next item cannot be earned until the player has completed the previous challenge. in item pokemon bdsp,

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Now available on Nintendo Switch.

Best Competitive Fire-Type Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl

Best Competitive Fire-Type Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl

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