Plans For Another Will Smith Movie Have Been Canceled, But Reportedly Has Nothing To Do With The Thappad Incident

The list of Will Smith-related projects that will no longer go on and on goes on and on. The latest project to put a halt to production appears to be a planned sequel to his sci-fi action thriller shinyWhich was directed by David Ayer and released on Netflix in 2017. The news was part of a tweet posted by Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw, clarifying a point about Smith’s Nat Geo Nature series. pole to pole There is a delay in starting its production. Shaw picked up in the tweet bright 2and commented:

Netflix has also dropped plans to make a sequel to Bright, but it is unrelated to the incident.

It is worth noting that Reporting by Lucas Shaw with regard to cancellation bright 2 Turns out it has nothing to do with Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Academy Awards. So what could be the reasons for cancellation? on the news bright 2 There have been ups and downs since the first film’s fall. back in 2019, bright 2 was delayed indefinitely, A few months later, however, the sequel was revived: Netflix asks for a new director To replace David Ayer.

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