Pixar: 13 Most Emotional Movie Moments That Weren’t For Kids

Content Warning: This article discusses bereavement and trauma.

PixaroMovies of India are renowned for their emotional weight, with stories that appeal to people of all ages. But not every moment of feature films has the same impact for children as it does for adults, beyond some portrayed experiences that happen to most children their age.

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Although some parts of Pixar’s stories are universally related, some aspects of their plots and character dynamics are only fully realized by adults, whether due to the age of the character, the subtlety of the subject, or a narrative that is not an adult. The experience is unique.

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Updated on May 3, 2022 by Stacy Rook: With their most recent release Turning Red, Pixar continues to show why their studio has dominated the animation industry over the past twenty years, revealing a multi-layered story filled with scenes that appealed to audiences of all ages. Is. Watching Pixar movies is a must-see experience for everyone, though adults can probably appreciate the nuanced points of view more fully.

Loss of Family – Finding Nemo (2003)

Marlin and Nemo swim together in Finding Nemo

find nemo There is a film that is ultimately about the bond between father and son, as Marlin sets out to find his missing child, Nemo, after he is caught by divers. While this heartfelt dynamic is an emotional one in itself, the opening scene of the film is even more harrowing.

It depicts a legendary barracuda attack on Marlene’s house, killing his wife and all the eggs of the couple once one, who turns out to be Nemo. The scene explains Marlene’s subsequent protection of her son and shows how such a significant loss affects a person’s later life.

Generational Trauma – Turning Red (2022)

Turning Red.  Mei with her mother and grandmother in the woods

in addition to the following turning redmany relatable moments puberty around, movie Family pressures and generational trauma are also explored, as shown through the ways Mei’s relatives handle their experiences with their inner red panda.

Mei’s decision to embrace the panda rather than push her away is a marked change in the women she encounters, and through her journey, her mother Ming must face her own connection to his perceived curse, and How he was raised to see it.

Career Struggle – Ratatouille (2007)

Linguini and Remy smiling at each other in the new loft in Ratatouille

ratatouille There is a fascinating story about two men achieving their dreams, even if one of them is a rat. However, in general it is a film about career struggles and societal expectations.

Even though Remi has extraordinary talent in food, her circumstances block her way to achieve her goals, whereas Linguini, in contrast, has access to the culinary world, but her low station and clumsiness keep her from progressing. . In this way, the professional ambitions of both are easily identifiable to many adults who have held similar positions.

The Story of Carl and Ellie – Up (2009)

Carr and Ellie paint a mailbox at Pixar Up

Two of these are characteristic Best Human Characters in Pixar MoviesCarl and Ellie of UP There is a relationship that spans decades, shown in the film’s opening montage. It takes viewers from their childhood to the heart-wrenching death of Ellie, with Carl’s subsequent grief later becoming the driving force of the story.

While children can have experiences of grief, the longevity of Carl and Ellie’s relationship and the way their time is condensed into the film’s setup is filled with a richness of emotion and an awareness of the times. , about which children have not yet been fully made aware.

Jesse’s Fear – Toy Story 2 (1999)

Jessie and Woody in Toy Story 2

The first of Pixar’s sequels, toy story 2 He had a lot on his shoulders. The film lived up to expectations, with a plot that takes Titanic toys through a series of new experiences. One of the most notable is the introduction to Jesse and his backstory about Emily, the child she once loved.

After Emily is out of play with her toys, Jesse has been put in storage for years and now fears being in dark and enclosed spaces with her (which affects her actions). toy story 2, Although it is not central to the film’s plot, the moments in which he encounters his phobia have a real intensity that is not so apparent to younger audiences.

Remember Me – Coco (2017)

Pixar's Coco - Miguel on guitar

An incredibly touching film for many reasons, cocoa The Mexican holiday is notable for exploring life and death through Day of the Dead. Coco, the elderly great-grandmother of protagonist Miguel, whose memory is slowly fading away, plays an important role in the story.

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After meeting Coco’s father, Hector, in the Land of the Dead, Miguel returns home and plays one of his songs, “Remember Me” for Coco, who is able to sing with her (with the song inspiring memories of her father). is). The re-connection that elderly Coco makes with her father is highly emotional, an encouraging moment for those who lost their parents long ago.

Incredible struggle as a parent at home – Incredibles 2 (2018)

The Parr family continues to rebuild the superhero genre in Incredibles 2, Where Bob Dash becomes a stay-at-home father to Violet and Jack-Jack, while his wife, Helen, is given the opportunity to return on a mission as Elastigirl.

Though they are comical, the scenes showing Bob struggling to adapt to life as a stay-at-home parent are a touching undertaking for him. Some fans have been able to resonate with parents who have made similar adjustments, while the film also comments on the social expectations of each member of the family.

Woody becomes a lost toy – Toy Story 4 (2019)

Woody and Bo Peep as lost toys in Toy Story 4

Although toy Story crew could cameo light yearthey were last seen toy story 4, where Woody finds it difficult to fit into Bonnie’s house among his established community of toys. Bonnie’s added preference for Jesse does nothing to assuage her concerns about feeling out of place.

By the end of the film, after sharing a passionate goodbye with Buzz, Jesse and the gang, Woody makes the big decision to join Bo Peep and his new friends as a lost toy. This moment, where Woody chooses to make a major change in the direction of his life, has been through many adults while starting a new chapter. It is also particularly impressive for those who were first-time children. toy Story The film was released.

Being Your Brother’s Father – Next (2020)

At the heart of the relationship between brothers Ian and Barley Ahead, While much of the film’s plot focuses on the two trying to accomplish a visitation spell to allow their dead father to visit him for a day, it becomes clear that the brothers are the emotional heart of the film. .

While younger brother Ian spends a great deal of time thinking about all the things he has remembered without his father, he discovers that—in a very moving montage—that even without his father, his brother would fulfill the role instead of Barley. was to do. Many siblings have to step up as parents for one reason or another, Ahead Captures a very real dynamic.

Joe’s Existentialism – Spirit (2020)

looking up at the sky on a beautiful day in Seoul

A film that deals with the afterlife and seeks answers to the biggest questions of the universe was always going to be more accessible to adults than children, and in soul, Following Joe’s story meant a lesson in philosophy.

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With ideas of determinism and an emphasis on a person’s purpose in life, the moments where one ponders whether he or she lives a fulfilling life (and what that means) belong far more to adults than to children.

Andy Gives Away His Toys – Toy Story 3 (2010)

Andy, Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 3

long awaited toy Story 3 Show Andy’s toys dealing with the realization that Andy is no longer the kid who needs them, as he prepares to go to college. Andy deals with the change himself and eventually gives his toys to new baby Bonnie.

These actions are moving forward from the point of view of toys, but also for Andy himself, kickstarting a new phase of his life with his gift to Bonnie and signifying the change that every adult moves through childhood. Is.

Bing Bong’s Sacrifice – Inside Out (2015)

from inside to outside There’s a movie full of small details, but viewers can’t miss it when Riley’s fictional childhood best friend Bing Bong sacrifices himself to get Joey back to Riley’s brain headquarters.

Whereas from inside to outside While Riley does a great job of breaking down the emotions in a way accessible to children, the full effects of Bing Bong’s sacrifice, reducing parts of childhood to a person’s current weight, can be difficult for children to understand.

Stereotype Check – Luca (2021)

Luca Pixar Review

luca Pixar’s trend of making movies that have relevant messages for both children and adults. Telling the story of sea monsters Luca and Alberto, who have the ability to take on human form when out of the water, the film explores the prejudices that boys face in a world that has not taken the time to understand them.

Although prejudice and stereotypes are issues that affect people of all ages, and children deal with them, lucaThe focus on the predilection for sea monsters is a metaphor that has been slightly removed from the real-life parallels, which may not be so obvious to children watching.

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