Pete Davidson Embraces the Luxury Streetwear Style During a Shopping Trip in Los Angeles – E! Online

Pete Davidson keeping up with the kardashians And Latest fashion trends.

in one Instagram photo Shared March 24, Pete poses at Gentry Garb’s Los Angeles store after doing a little shopping. in the picture, saturday night live The star showed off a peace sign while rocking flannel, a graphic tee, blue shorts and Nike sneakers next to a shopping bag.

The men’s clothing store—which specializes in luxury streetwear—has also been spotted by rappers pnb rock, Soulja Boy And more stars, according to its Instagram.

It looks like Pete picked up a few streetwear items and relationship advice during his travels. Gentry Garb’s account captioned the moment, “Big shout out to Pete Davidson for coming through #shop, we told Bru not to worry about ya! #deeperthanclothing,” referring to his recent online exchange with girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘gender Kanye West,

The move to step up her wardrobe may be a page taken from Kim’s stylebook, as the style icon has been rocking the fashion-forward look by Balenciaga lately.

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