Penn Badgley Reveals How You Season 4 Will Be Different

You star Penn Badgley discusses the upcoming Season 4 of the Netflix thriller, how it will be different from what viewers have seen before.

Warning! This article contains spoilers You, season 3

Penn Badgley explains how You Season 4 will be different. In You Season 3, which recently premiered on Netflix, the romantic thriller took a big swing. The series follows Madre Linda as Joe (Badley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) move from Los Angeles to Northern California. Now married and raising their son Henry, the couple is surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, bloggers, and biohackers. And, though committed to being a husband and father, he is stunned by Luv’s fatal negligence. He also takes a liking to his neighbor Natalie (Michael McManus).

You Season 3 unfolds in a clearly bad way for both Natalie and Luv. Although most biohackers and bloggers have emerged from their encounters with Joe and Love with their lives and in some respects miraculously improved, Natalie isn’t so lucky. She is murdered by Luv at the end of episode 1. Till the end, Prem suffers the same fate at the hands of her husband. The couple tries to kill each other, which survives the encounter. He gives Henry to a trusted couple, then stages a murder-suicide and frames his wife for her death. in the last scene of the movie You The Season 3 finale, however, sees Joe move to Paris and assume a new identity.

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in an interview with colliderhandjob Badgley hints at where the story might be headed already renewed You season 4. The actor begins by noting that the show’s writers are really focused on the question of how the world reacts to a person like Joe. Badgley then explained that if his character is killed by a woman, as many fans think that would happen, he would almost be happy to become “Martyr for love.” He says all of this could make Season 4 very different. Read Badgley’s full comments below:

“If he were tormented and killed by a woman, he would, in his mind, be almost proved right. He would be like, ‘I am the most persecuted man in all history and I may be a martyr for love.’ He must have thought the same in his mind… I guess [season 4] Could be more about Joe’s relationship with himself. Because it’s not really a show about a murderer, it’s a show… I think it’s taking mistakes in relationships to the extreme for a good story. Like, we really have to keep our swords and stop being competitive in relationships, but that’s very hard to do. “

Badgley’s opinion on the series has changed since its debut on Lifetime and its subsequent rise in popularity on Netflix. about in the interview earlier seasons of Youhandjob On late night television and elsewhere, the actor had argued that the thriller was a reflection of how far a white man is allowed to go in society. However, it is worth noting that in the latest installment of You, and even before that, writers have attempted to move Joe away from the outright villain and killer he was in Season 1.

This may be a reflection of how a show that deceives its audience into thinking that one who has a likable character cannot sustain itself for long. It remains to be seen how an entirely new narrative with new characters and a different setting will come into play. for those worried You Season 4 will fall into the old pattern, especially without Pedretti’s character to serve as a contrast, should Badgley’s comments come as a relief. The actor is seen promising that the show will continue to reinvent itself and keep things exciting in the upcoming episodes.

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