Penn Badgley on Why You’re the “Perfect Actor to Play a Serial Killer” – E! Online

any other than pen badley are playing Joe Goldberg? YouGotta joke.

in front of You season three premiere, Returning Friday, October 15 Netflix, Artists specially crafted for E! News about why Badgley is the perfect man-next-door murderer—and we couldn’t agree more.

NS gossip Girl The alum is an international figure thanks to her on-screen persona. Season Three as a Guest Star Shalita Grant shouted, “He’s a mega-star. My partner’s family wants his autograph too.”

According to Grant, it’s Badgley real life personality who makes him You The character is relatable and sympathetic… even when he’s putting someone to death. that is that Duality Of Charm, Kindness and Heart from Badgley IRL that, with a bloody twist, it can be fabricated complex character Whereas. “He’s actually the perfect actor to play a serial killer because he’s the nicest guy, honestly,” Grant continued. “If he was a different guy, I’m not sure the show would work.”

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