Pedro Pascal knew Luke Skywalker was in The Mandalorian season 2 finale

Pedro Pascal revealed that he always knew Luke Skywalker was going to appear in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale, unlike his Star Wars co-stars.

Pedro Pascal knew Luke Skywalker was going to come in Mandalorian Season 2 finale. actor first Made his debut as Deen Zareen When Disney+ first launched in 2019 and has cemented Deen’s place since then star wars Galaxy. The second season of the series attracted an even bigger audience, who are now eagerly waiting Mandalorian Season 3, which completed filming last month and will reportedly release later this year.

Deen’s most recent appearance was Boba Fett. book of, where he made his full comeback earlier this year in “Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian.” His story provided some insight into what he was doing to follow the emotional conclusion. Mandalorian Season 2, where he handed Grogu (aka “Baby Yoda”) to Luke Skywalker. the audience saw Din Struggles With Using DarksaberGet exiled from your Mandalorian tribe, and return to Tatooine on public transportation to customize a Naboo N-1 Starfighter with your friend Peli Moto. Deen takes his new ship to see his installation, which takes him to Luke’s new Jedi Academy and brings the iconic Jedi back to the audience’s screens.

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Now, Pascal has revealed that he was fully aware of Luke’s return. star wars in the universe Mandalorian Season 2. In an interview with Vanity Fair to promote your new movie unbearable load of enormous talent, Pascal took the lie detector test as he faced questions about his career and his pop culture. One of these questions focuses on Luke’s Mandalorian Cameo, as Pascal was asked if it was true that he didn’t know that Luke was going to be the Jedi who took on Grogue. Pascal responded by saying that this statement was not actually true. Later, however, Pascal sat in silence with a look and smile, implying that the actor had more to say but could not. Watch the full exchange below:

Q: Is it true that you didn’t know Luke Skywalker was in the season 2 finale?

A: That’s not true. I knew he was.

Pascal to learn of Luke’s presence seems to be an exception to all the secrecy surrounding Return of the Jedi. Luke’s Efforts to Keep Secret Mandalorian The audience was so intense it even saw the official concept art for the series. Luke dressed as Plow CoonA fan-favorite Jedi from the prequel star wars Era. Pascal’s co-stars such as Ming-Na Wen (Fenek Shand) previously shared that they didn’t know it would be Luke’s return, so it’s interesting to know that Pascal was in on the mystery. With trust between Pascal and executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, however, it’s no surprise. Pascal has previously stated that he is often given the opportunity to help shape Deen’s character and story. MandalorianK show-runner.

For anyone who has shared before that they are not good at keeping secrets, Pascal holds his end MandalorianSomething he continues to do with regards to Season 3. So far, they have revealed the only thing that will be seen in the upcoming season.”many new facesOtherwise, the actor has remained silent on what to expect. Mandalorian Season 3. What audiences can expect is to focus more on Deen’s story as opposed to just Grogu’s story, with some details pointing to a trip to the planet mandalore, Mandalorian Season 3 may have the potential to be the biggest and best yet, but with big revelations like the return of Pascal Luke keeping quiet, clearly Favreau and Filoni have the onus to keep more surprises to themselves. may depend.

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Source: Vanity Fair/youtube

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