Pachinko’s Minha Kim and Lee Minho Explain Why Their Drama Is To Everyone – E! Online

A captivating period drama is set to hit a major streaming service on March 25. no we’re not talking bridgerton,

Instead, we’re talking an adaptation of the Apple TV+ best-selling novel pachinko, which is set to premiere in less than 24 hours. The play chronicles four generations of a Korean immigrant family, with Oscar winner eun yuh-jung, minha kim And u-na jiono The protagonist is playing different versions of Sunja. The trailer, released in February, promised an “epic family saga” involving heartbreak, prejudice and perseverance.

Curious? Wait till what Minha and co-star hear Lee Min Ho Had to say about this wide saga.

In an exclusive conversation with E! News, Minhah revealed that he is “really excited to tell this beautiful story to the world,” adding that it is a historical drama – which depicts Japan’s occupation of Korea in the 1910s – that Tells a highly personal story that will resonate with all audiences.

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