our flag means death bts image shows taika waiti as blackbeard

Our Flag Means Death star Taika Waititi shared a BTS image of herself with Rhys Darby, celebrating the pair’s on-screen relationship.

Taika Waititi shares behind-the-scenes photo our flag means death, Celebrating his on-screen relationship with co-star Rhys Darby. The pirate-comedy, which recently wrapped its well-received Season 1, loosely follows the real-life adventures of self-proclaimed “Gentleman Pirate” Stead Bonnet (Darby) and his ship’s crew, Revenge. Is. Focusing on the flamboyant hijinks of Bonnet & Co. our flag means death also explores the romantic relationship of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, played by Stead and Waititi.

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Now, Waititi BTS has taken to Instagram to share the image from our flag means death Celebrate Stead and Blackbeard, The image shows Waititi and Darby wearing their pirate costumes, along with a comment from the Blackbeard actor stating that he was “So proud of this romantic comedy we made. Very proud. It’s not “bromantic,” it’s romantic., Darby responded with a similarly nice comment, saying that it was “an the ultimate pleasure of romancing you Ed,” In reference to Blackbeard’s real name, Edward Teach. Check out the post below:

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our flag means deathtermination of The audience was left with many cliffhangers and questions, the most pressing of which was the fate of Stead and Blackbeard’s budding romance. Thanks to its success with critics and audiences, it looks like this loud adventure will be back on the screens, although no official announcement has been made about Season 2 yet. proudly celebrating their on-screen relationship with Waititi and Darby, regardless our flag means death updated or notThe show will forever remain an indomitable advocate for great LGBTQ+ TV.

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Source: Taika Waititi/Instagram

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