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we all know that Oscar nominee get incredible treatment swag bag Every year that is always filled with amazing things to do for all kinds of beauty and skin care, from luxurious trips to delectable snacks. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is included in these amazing gift bags, you’re in luck! We have all the info on over 50 gift items that Oscar nominees love Will Smith, Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain, Olivia Colman, Kristen Stewart, JK Simmons, Jesse Plemons, Ariana Debos, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Campion And Steven Spielberg will be received this year.

Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing company, created “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bags for 2022. This year, they put together a swag bag that’s sure to be a hit with the recipients. Eventually, gifts include plots of land in Scotland (and the title of Lord or Lady of Glencoe). highland titleThe world’s first flavor wrapped popcorn kernels opopop Which Are Sure To Be Delicious, And Make A Deluxe Skincare Gift Byro.

Apart from these great gifts, nominees will also receive vouchers for cosmetic procedures, personal training sessions, life coaching and more. Obviously, this Sunday night everyone is going to go home as the winner.

If you want to see what kinds of gifts the nominees will receive this year, check out the list of over 50 gifts below.

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