Only Murders in the Building: The Funniest Quotes from Oliver Putnam

Hulu’s only murders in the building Now Season 2 is in the middle and it has maintained the impressive performance of Season 1 which has received good reviews. This is in no small part due to the great comedians and talented dramatic actors blending together.

Martin Short’s now Emmy Award-nominated performance as Oliver Putnam is a stand-out character. Oliver is a true-crime-obsessed theater director with big ambitions—sometimes too big for his fellow podcasters Mabel and Charles, and penning many of the show’s funniest lines.

“This Is All I Eat – Dips for Dinner.”

dip for dinner

Oliver Putnam in his apartment

At the memorial service for Tim Kono, Oliver Dimas gets excited watching the spread of dips from wraps. Mabel seems surprised by his enthusiasm, prompting him to reveal his unusual diet. He even said that he lost hair and weight just by eating dips.

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Oliver’s love of dip, especially from Teddy Dimas restaurant, is mentioned frequently throughout the series. As well as being extremely unwell, Dip and the subsequent sponsorship of his podcast land Oliver in constant trouble.

“Bunny had a secret elevator? Where does this lead, the hell?”

His rivalry with Bunny

Oliver Putnam wearing hat and scarf outside

While trying to clear his name after being arrested on suspicion of Bunny Folger’s murder, Oliver, Mabel and Charles break into Bunny’s apartment. There, they find that their former landlady had a hidden elevator that takes her to a secret exit behind the Arconia building.

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Even death can’t stop the rivalry between Oliver and Bunny. Oliver’s happy-go-lucky personality collides hilariously with Bunny’s no-nonsense attitude throughout his residence in Arconia, prompting Bunny to set some traps for Oliver from beyond the grave.

“The ‘Charles’ is silent.”

in the name of the ship

Oliver Putnam is selling an OMITB merchandise hoodie next to an anonymous Charles Haden-Savage

When trying to persuade Mabel to continue the podcast after becoming the prime suspect in Bunny’s murder, Oliver tries to emphasize the importance of the trio’s friendship and their fame as podcasters. In doing so, he tells them of a portmanteau named after him, which is Olimabelle, explicitly omitting Charles and explaining that his name is silent.

Citation Summarizes all three perfectly, Oliver is sometimes overly spirited and likes to appear fashionable, making ship names for his fandom. His enthusiasm often shows itself in his love for Mabel and their friendship, while often rejecting the more serious Charles.

“Timothie Chalamet plays me. You play Mabel, and Charles … is cut.”

Pitching to Amy Schumer

Oliver Putnam wearing a fedora and scarf inside the house

Comedian and celebrity Amy Schumer becomes a new resident in Arconia, and bonds with Oliver as a fan of his podcast. With his connections in show business, Oliver offered Amy an adaptation of the first season of his podcast.

Oliver can be very vain and his ambitions as a theater director often force him to clash with his peers. He can also be quite confused – like casting a man too young to play him. Her frenzied relationship with Charles and the ways she insults him make for some of the best jokes on the show.

“Really? Don’t you see this coat?!”

Oliver’s fashion sense

Oliver Putnam wearing a matching purple scarf and coat outside The Arconia Building

At the beginning of the first episode, Oliver makes his debut roaming the busy streets of New York City in his signature flamboyant coat and scarf. In his daydream, he almost gets hit by a car.

Oliver and mabel wears the best clothes on the show. His love for dressing up as his lively, often cocky persona is just how endearing his character is and adds humor to Martin Short’s performance.

“Nobody Wants a Murder Podcast About Real Estate!”

on creating a podcast

Oliver Putnam recording for his podcast with Charles Haden-Savage and Mabel Mora

At Tim Kono’s memorial, Charles, Mabel and Oliver sit among their fellow Arconia residents and record to get some clues as to who the killer might be. Oliver becomes more disillusioned when most of the building-based complaints come from those who dislike Tim Kono.

As a director, Oliver wants to do a show for his podcast. Many of his funniest one-liners on the show come from his frustration that Tim Kono may have been murdered for something as boring as property, and he always tries to put some extra pizzazz into the trio’s murder investigation. .

“Oh thank god, we have fans!”

meeting with fans

Oliver Putnam in the car with Mabel Mora and Charles Haden-Savage

In the middle of an investigation, Mabel and Oliver are stopped by fans of their podcast, all wearing matching tie-dye hoodies. Mabel is horrified that he has followers devoted to his investigation but on the other hand, Oliver is delighted.

Oliver’s love for attention and all things dazzling set him apart from the more secretive Mabel and the grumpy Charles. The humor helps to create contrast between the personalities of the three main characters. OMITB one of the best streaming shows around.

“You’re Scoring a Murder Mystery – Not DJing a Hobbit’s Wedding.”

to the music of Charles

Oliver Putnam is directing a theory by fans of his podcast

While recording the podcast, Charles tries to add some drama to his narration by playing the accordion to some backing music. Oliver, as director, detests the idea and reproaches him for his penchant for and flair for folk music.

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Many of the show’s funniest scenes involve an argument on the podcast between Oliver and Charles as they clash over director and actor. Martin Short and Steve Martin’s 40-year comedic partnership gives them incredible timing and chemistry in their arguments and all their jokes make for comedy gold.

“There is blood! Is this his blood? Is this my blood?”

Getting scared

Oliver Putnam after being arrested

Once the police leave Arconia, the trio break into Tim Kono’s apartment, convinced that Kono was murdered. When they come in and see the crime scene, they are unprepared for the gruesomeness of it – especially Charles, who goes mad at the sight of the blood.

Despite the fact that he hosts a murder podcast, Oliver is overly sarcastic and not exactly daring to confront the trio’s threats with the series. His line delivery in this scene and his belief that he is bleeding, make for a great laugh-out-loud scene.

“We’re getting the hang of it! You can tell it’s our second season!”

get meta

Oliver Putnam walking his dog in a stroller with Mabel and Oliver

Faced with a new murder to solve after the death of Bunny Folger, the three agree to continue the podcast in a new story that will help clear their names on the murder suspect. When the gang puts their heads together and tries to work a line of investigation, Oliver rejoices.

Of course, it’s a wink for viewers on the fact that this line is alluded to at the start of Season 2. The show had a zany, meta approach to its storytelling that engages the audience with the characters as the suspense unfolds and helps to feel the humour. fresh.

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