Olivia Colman is an unlikely killer in the first trailer for HBO’s Landscapers – E! Online

Olivia ColmanThe new role of is really killer.

Emmy-award winning actress returns to TV A brand new HBO limited series, but this time, no crown is involved. coleman is starring landscapersA love-story-turned-true crime horror story based on real events set in Nottingham, England with the Emmy nominee David Thewlis. Four-episode series, directed by will sharp and executive produced by Coleman himself, is set to premiere on December 9.

landscapers Thus Chris And Susan Edwards (Thewlis and Coleman, respectively), a couple who appear to be normal, but to the public’s surprise, may have some skeletons in their closet or in their backyard.

When two bodies are found in a garden, Chris and Susan become the focus of a murder investigation. It seems as though the couple may have “royally” messed up. (Will we ever stop scoffing about Coleman’s tenure? Queen Elizabeth II? No, no, we won’t.)

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