No Sudden Move Cast: Where You’ve Seen the Actors Before

Bill Duke (Aldrick Watkins)

Bill Duke plays a leading role, as Aldrick Watkins, a criminal gangster no sudden moves. Most notably, the Duke was Sgt. Mac Eliot Inn Hunter. he also appeared American Gigolo, Commando, Menace II Society, Exit Wounds, X-Men: The Last Stand, Payback, Bird on a Wire, No Man’s Land, Get Rich or Die Trine, Red Dragon, Action Jackson, and Mandy. Earlier, Duke was seen in Steven Soderbergh’s film high flying bird and The Lime. Additionally, on TV, Duke has a recurring role in The CW’s Black electricity.

Outside of acting, Bill Duke directed Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. His other films include Not Broken Easily, The Killing Floor, A Rage in Harlem, Deep Cover, The Cemetery Club, America’s Dream, Hoodloom, Cover, Dark Girls, and created equal. Additionally, Duke. directed episodes of Dallas, Falcon Crest, Cagney & Lacy, Hill Street Blues, The Twilight Zone, Knott’s Landing, Brewster Place, Miami Vice, and matlock.

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