Nintendo Switch OLED orders suffer from PS5 and XSX’s worst problem

Nintendo joins the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X and S in the lack of OLED Switch distribution, making it sold at major retail stores.

NS OLED Nintendo Switch 8, introducing a color OLED screen, upgraded Joy-Cons, and improved battery and storage to the Switch’s original, adaptive design. While a bit more expensive than the original Switch console, the upgrade is a huge improvement, especially for those who play in tabletop or handheld mode. However, it appears that the OLED Switch will face the same drawback that plagued the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S releases last year, as most stores are already out of stock.

In November 2020, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S consoles were released amid a lack of manufacturing, resulting in a massive The lack of consoles that have persisted through the fall of this year. The combination of online-only purchases and limited in-store stock created massive waiting lines that were often plagued by scalpers who wanted to resell consoles well above MSRP. To add to this, information on when a stock can be expected is largely unavailable, requiring fans to regularly sit on major retail websites hoping for a sudden rest.

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Unfortunately, the lack of an OLED Nintendo Switch doesn’t come as a surprise to many, with news of a lack of Switch OLED stock and delays ahead of the console’s release date. Like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S, the OLED Switch is sold at nearly every major retail store, with little information about when to expect a restock. Players can quickly check in on restock updates using a put together resource Tom’s GuideBut for those who were unable to pre-order their console, it could be a long wait before stock becomes available. This could be especially bad news for Nintendo fans hoping to snag a console during the holiday season this year, as it seems likely that shortages and limited stock will continue for the foreseeable future.

OLED Nintendo Switch is being flagged by Scalpers Online

Nintendo Switch Original OLED Cover

while they are not Selling as much as the PS5 and XSX, the OLED Nintendo Switch is still being sold by third-party retail websites for well above the original price of $349.99 USD. Despite the temptation to snatch OLED consoles from sites like eBay, Nintendo fans will want to wait for legitimate retail restocks to avoid buying faulty devices, paying inflated prices, or being scammed by scalpers. Instead, calling local box stores like Target, Walmart, and Fred Meyer may be the best way to find consoles, as these locations randomly receive restocks, and in-store to help minimize scaling. Pick-up may be required.

Other complications that players may face during restocks are color choices. NS There are two versions of the OLED Nintendo Switch: white, and dual-colored red and blue. Currently, red and blue models seem to be easier to find than white models, adding to the frustration of those seeking the smoothness of a more sensible option. However, for those planning to put a hard case or vinyl cover on their new OLED Nintendo Switch, Exploring any options during the restock will be exciting, and hopefully, it won’t require too much waiting.

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Source: Tom’s Guide

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