Nina Dobrev’s Boyfriend Shaun White Offers Hilarious Analysis of The Vampire Diaries – E! online

Shaun White is clearly Nina Dobrevbiggest fan of

Olympic snowboarder confirms on TikTok he’s watched his girlfriend’s series the Vampire Diaries And shared a hilarious way of engaging with the show during the pandemic.

“It was nice,” He said on 30 April, given that he is often asked if he has seen it. “this was good.”

The 35-year-old says that she started the CW series when Nina was shooting a film in Canada. Since he couldn’t go to die COVID-19 Protocol, he figured he would binge the series.

“I wasn’t going to see her for three months so I was like, ‘Oh that would be cool, I’ll start the show,'” he recalled. “I’ll look at her without looking at her.”

But what Shawn didn’t expect was investing in the actress’s on-screen romance.

“It was cool, but it got a little dark,” he said with a laugh, “she was like the love interest of everyone on the show and I found myself really rooting for her. I think ‘Am I in? Way?’ I don’t know if it was healthy or not, but I watched the show and it was really funny.”

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