Nikki gleefully showing off her sex toy collection to her mom at Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? – I! online

It’s a show-and-tell that we wouldn’t want to be a part of.

Nikki Glaser was more than happy to give to her mother, JulieAn up-close and personal tour of her sex toy collection in the May 1 episode of Welcome home Nikki Glaser?, While moving Nikki to their new St. Louis apartment, the mother-daughter duo, erm, stumble upon a hidden treasure.

“Dear God,” the comedian said of the discovery under the mattress, “this is where all my secrets lie.”

Julie responded with Nikki’s father in a confessional statement, ej, admitting, “I wasn’t surprised he had these things. It was cost. It was shocking.”

Nikki eventually took the moment to stride and used the opportunity to play a game she dubbed “Sex Toy or Thing You’ll Find in a Nursing Home”. his roommate Andrew The bunion correctly identified the cushion, but after some grabbing she guessed it was “a breathing apparatus”, Nikki reveals, “No, it’s a p–c pump.”

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